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Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Platforms

Facebook is a Fraud.   Twitter is a Fraud.  Everyone is a Fraud.  Twitter had already verified my phone number.  So now what happens is that they refuse to log me in and pretend that they need to re-verify my phone again.  They call from a ‘private number’ and there is no audio.  Just mute silence when answering the call.  In this manner they can prevent my communications.  My crime?  My crime was likely well written tweets to a Canadian Senator, the President of the United States and the corporation of Facebook earlier on this evening.

I had the following Web-Site Visitors earlier today:

  • Department of National Defense (Canada)
  • Shared Services Canada (Ottawa) 

For all I know this web-site partly blocked on many networks as I had strange corporate network-type visitors earlier and although the web-hits still come through, from experience I expect them to be higher with the places that I am landing my words.  Everything is corrupt.  Everyone is a self-serving piece of shit. Everyone.

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