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Lexmark C2425 Printer

Look out world, I now have a printer.  Finally I replaced my printer.  I have not had a decent printer since I left my cousins in 2017.  Another item which he claimed for himself.  I paid somewhere around $800 for the printer he took from me.  Initially he put it outside under his deck for the coming Winter.  Brilliant Mark.  Really smart.

Anyways, I can print properly again.  Invoices, Letters, Business Cards, etc.  This makes me happy.  It prints rather nicely.  This time around I think I am better off with separates, rather than an all in one machine.  In reality I have little use for fax. For as often as I fax, I can pay the corner store if not set that up over the computer somehow.  For scanning documents, a document scanner with a feeder are cheaply available.

I bought this brand new off Craigslist.  Someone bought, never opened, and decided they didn’t want it before letting it sit until they could no longer return it.

Epson v850 Scanner

Epson v850 ScannerThis scanner was on my list of things to purchase and replace. As luck would have it, one was posted for sale to Craigslist at literally the exact same time I was browsing the ads.  Someone had a new one that they bought deciding that it was simply too much for them.  So I bought it.  I could have used my former one, the Epson v700, quite often over the last year.

My cousin Mark Berladyn, the fine upstanding man he is, decided that I should not be able to have it along with roughly $20,000 of personal irreplaceable property. The RCMP were a mixed bag of results and at the time I figured I would have to just sue in Small Claims Court, or even worse as he even denied me Safe Harbour.  There was absolutely no way I could manage to take him to court going through what I was and even worse, he derailed an endeavour to better things for everyone, including himself by doing what he had done.