Social Media: Psychological Warfare
    August 14th, 2020     

Interesting Video. If you read the comments, the Blonde was Arrested today. None of this surprises me. I read probably twenty years ago that the “government” was building huge data centres to store the entire internet at regular intervals so that they may data mine it later. Whether that is still a feasible pursuit of […]

  Facebook: Protects the Pathetic
    August 8th, 2020      ,

Public Embarrassment. Public Pressure. That is a tactic often used against shoddy corporate practices. I do not know how others view these replies to my comment, but I find the responses here to be pathetic. Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to have little to do with the actual issue. So while the Corporation […]

  Facebook MURDERS People
    August 6th, 2020      ,

I have said this before. Facebook actually murders people when they cut off people’s communications for their own political interest. I know this very well, I am just once again too sick from it to type it all out and post evidence. There is so much corruption that I literally cannot keep up, nor recover. […]

  Twitter and Double Standards?
    August 2nd, 2020      ,

A self-professed “Doctor” can gaslight Jack Posobiec as “insane”. Yet I cannot call a person posing as a “Doctor” a RETARD? There’s more to this story too. Apparently it is Ok to call me a Racist. Do you know what I find? I find women love to attempt to make smart ass remarks intended to […]

  Twitter has been busy.
    August 2nd, 2020      ,

The Whitehouse is such a scary image that they pruned such off my account. Unreal. There are blanked images everywhere throughout my Twitter Account. You simply cannot trust third parties with your communications. Nor Lawyers.

  Twitter too. Do you see what I mean?
    May 20th, 2020      ,

It is so CORRUPT that Twitter locks my Account this morning. I have not even been on there since they violated my Natural Right to Speak in my Own Given Name the other week. When that happened, I wasn’t even on there for considerable time. All I had done was give a few hearts to […]

  Facebook: Banned Again (and under review)
    January 3rd, 2020     

I will probably eventually put something else here, or at least continually edit, but what a morning for me.  If I would have came here and hammered out my all of my immediate thoughts, and if I was able to… wow.  Those words and thoughts are all gone, the knife is no longer hot, but […]

  Free Speech Social Media Communication Platforms
    September 21st, 2019     

“Gab is a community of people from around the world who are working together to build open source software products that preserve the freedom of speech, sovereignty, and privacy for everyone on the internet.  Our mission is to protect free expression, decentralize the web, and democratize access to information for all people, everywhere.  Individual liberty, […]

  Nicholas Insley, Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam
    September 20th, 2019      ,

———- Forwarded message ———-From: Dan Berladyn <dberladyn@gmail.com>Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2019 15:21:59 -0700Subject: Re: We knocked 30,000 doors so far! Will you help me get to 40,000?To: “Nicholas Insley, Conservative Candidate for Coquitlam–Port Coquitlam” <hello@nicholasinsley.ca> You are absolutely useless and you are completely free to prove me wrong. “Thank you for supporting our campaign to […]

  Sorry, something went wrong…
    March 13th, 2019      ,

Alright, well Facebook is ‘down’ and it is not just me.  Fine. I am overly sensitive after being controlled, restricted and blocked.  My bad.   The below is as Posted Elsewhere in response Well Mr. President, I feel that I owe you an apology on some level.  I do not know the exact reason.  During […]

  Facebook – Freedom of Expression ?
    January 14th, 2019      ,

I said I was not going to get upset about blocking me for a week.  I am not upset.  You did me a favour.  I needed off that platform so I could concentrate on work.  Your timing was perfect.   Prior to this I was really concerned, drinking too much coffee, responding to too many responses.  […]

  Facebook Ban – Perfect Timing
    January 7th, 2019      ,

Banned for one week. I am not going to complain because the timing was perfect. I want off of there. At least you gave me my words. That is an improvement. I knew I was pushing the envelope when I posted that, but for all serious intents and purposes, it was nothing more than a […]

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