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    August 12th, 2020            ,

No longer accessible as of today. People should not be entrusting their words, their dialogue, their politics, etc. to other people.

This happened while Facebook just happened to review and email stating the App that allows you to login to this website is now disabled. That could be related, that could not be related, but I tend to think they work in tandem. At least in certain regards. There are only what, four Government Endorsed Platforms or so?

You do not get Government Endorsement without Contracts I assume.

It is sure nice to know that the people do not matter. The truth does not matter. It’s about protecting and empowering the money and the control of those who already have it. The rest of us stupid schmucks, well we simply cannot be discarded fast enough it seems. At least if we are not proving to be useful to their desires.

What if I needed that information for court? What if it was evidence? What if there was information there that saved life? What if there was information there that saved the World?

You just download it, no big deal. Unless they prevented you from doing such quite sometime ago.

Everyone should just have their own website, not that that is a perfect solution either, but I at least I have more control here. My biggest regret is not coding something entirely myself over the last twenty years. Now I just leave try to leave it to an open community such as WordPress.

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