Government of British Columbia
    August 3rd, 2020           

British Columbia Government Employee:
“We know we KILL PEOPLE and no one knows how to stop it”.

You simply do not care to stop it. Your cushy jobs are more important to you.

If knocking out the Publicly viewable Communications of a Naturally Born Resident of British Columbia to the Premier of British Columbia does not bother you John Horgan, you are unfit for the position.

Full image and text shared to British Columbian Premier John Horgan. Absolutely a disgrace that a “Private” Chinese Jewish American Corporation would be pruning communications between British Columbians and their Elected Government.

If the Government had any balls, they would not put up with a corporation wanting to make out Citizens standing up for their Queen and Country as TERRORISTS. Which is clearly on the agenda. I read such nearly twenty years ago. White Men will be the “next” TERRORISTS simply for doing what they are suppose to do, that is Standing up for their Country.

Obviously Calls for the DEATH of Heterosexual White Males is perfectly acceptable to the Government Endorsed Platform of Twitter. What does the British Columbian Government, the British Columbia Federation of Teachers, and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Pedophiles plus have to say for themselves?

Free to Speak without Fear. Meaning, I should have no reason to concern myself about any consequences for speaking in my own name, especially within Canada, especially to Canadian Government.

Don’t forget to watch and learn who is calling for DEATH based on RACE and SEX


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