Twitter and Double Standards?
    August 2nd, 2020            ,

A self-professed “Doctor” can gaslight Jack Posobiec as “insane”.

Yet I cannot call a person posing as a “Doctor” a RETARD?

There’s more to this story too. Apparently it is Ok to call me a Racist.

Do you know what I find?

I find women love to attempt to make smart ass remarks intended to harm, then immediately they block right afterwards so that they don’t have learn of the reply. They seem to think they are so smart to do such. It’s almost a common trait, not all women.. but a very good number of them. What an excellent way to never learn anything.

Call me a Racist, rather than Answer Questions about GENOCIDE

I wonder if the time lines up, or if they went back and cherry picked this for their excuse to selectively violate my Natural Right to Speak in My Own Given Name? I bet you the “Doctor” is Ok, he supports killing White People due to their Race, no doubt. He’s against Trump. That’s stuff is Ok.

Just do not defend yourself.. which reminds me of a certain loser Police Officer. A teacher should never ever ever ever tell a kid to hit a bully back. What a fucking moron. You hit back at least once and you make it count. That way the bully thinks twice about ever touching you again.

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