My Great Flying Goose!

Thanks for Destroying My Health (Again)

Do you normally Bill DEAD PEOPLE you MURDERED? Personally, I wouldn’t.

Now I am on day two of not sleeping. I am useless. I cannot do a thing worthwhile. I am trying to take the high road and not blame anyone. I wish I could just write it out. It would better if I could come back into balance, then do that. I don’t have time for that. Furthermore, by the time I do come back into balance it’ll be a few days. I just lost $1500 the moment the Port Moody Police showed up at the house here on May 21st or so. She had no way of knowing, her intent might have been good, but the moment she phoned and wanted me to come out front, that was what had happened. I know the whole chain. To make things worse, another job came through while I was sitting in the hospital with my thumb up my ass.

For me this is continual. It does not stop. This would drive most people insane. I struggle really hard with things I should not have to. The ball finally starts rolling, a flow starts to happen, my health and everything picks up, then boom it just comes flying apart. Is it totally her fault? Well she was told not to come by here by my person last year. I believe there was enough said that they not be dropping by this property. Not just then, over the course of the last four years as well. Just the fact that I am in this condition itself within Canada due the (in)actions of various levels of government is actually rather sad. No one has actually wanted to help me, all they have wanted to do is operate their little bureaucracy machines. That’s it. Follow pieces of paper like dumb-ass useless government monkeys.

Again did she know that I plunked down money I do not have for material that day, and I was just about to reach for the phone to deal with a “client” who was a great guy, but being far more of a pain than he should be for what his job really was. No, she did not know that, but the RCMP… tracked me I assume. Did she know I was nursing my health and avoiding him, and just finally following through at the last minute? No she did not know that (but, emails are not secure). Is it her fault? Is my fault my health, finances, pride, and every mechanism within me that I need operating is continually destroyed from prior actions of her own department? This just goes on and on for me. You have no idea how painful this is. I know that a client is about to roll an aircraft out of a hanger for me and we have to time things, I need low stress, simple easy, but not everyone operates that way. Some people like excess useless pieces of paper… that’s not good for my health, like…. ever.

Then to top it off, I didn’t buy smokes. That was my stupidity, I thought about it and I thought nah. I looked when she phoned and I had one left. That was not going to cover me. Say what you want I don’t care. I do not do drugs, I don’t even drink, but I have my one vice. The scales for me were tipping the moment I answered the phone. There’s more too, there’s way more.. but whatever. I have now lost a week. I have not taken money from the government except while I was on the street.. $300.00 a month. You do not survive on that. Anyways, I always have thoughts on constructive things and I am a wreck again today. I cannot do anything. I am just crippled. I thought maybe I can run an ad for more work? Nope. I gave the last of my money to the Conservative Party of Canada, like an idiot. Why bother in my shape? Why even involve myself in politics that are likely not a solution for anything?

I personally think there is bigger ground to be made elsewhere for Canada and the World, but I am too decimated. I have no food, yada yada yada. Did the hospital help me? Nope. The Admitting Staff, what idiots. I was thinking today.. you people working there are not even Canadian. You are not even Canadians. You are not. Idiots. They do not even listen to you trying to tell them your medical needs, they just shriek like girls… the police brought him, oh my god he’s going to shoot everyone…. just pathetic people working there. Seriously. You are pathetic. If you were at a least a real Canadian we could have communicated on the same page, but nope… you are stupid paper fucking faggots with no balls and no brains. God is My Doctor, not you fuckers. What did you fuckers do? Totally ignore everything you are being told, like idiots. You all know so much better than me what my health needs are. You are fucking educated useless morons.

Oh, you can give a “permission slip for missing work”. You are fucking RETARDS. Who do I give that to myself? You even lost the card you told me that you had had for me to contact the police after. Just idiots. Strapping me to a bed, ignoring my health instructs, ignoring everything, then injecting me. Do you fuckheads over at Fraserhealth have any idea what my “Being” has been through? No you do not. It’s not written on your paper either you idiots. Admittedly, once I was transferred…. eventually… the Staff were good, if not great at times, but I knew that was not the place for me. I also know repeating myself over and over to people who need far too much verbal explanation was not going to help me. You are just going exhaust and collapse me – like you always do, cause you are too stupid to get outside your little box and listen to someone who will actually help you save Canadian Lives.. but you educated fucks are so “smart”….

The Psychiatrist was still great in my books, thank you for you that. I think I actually like you which is odd for me. Then guess what.. after I make my way home taking the loser cruiser Skytrain and paying out $5 that I don’t have there’s a Medical Bill at home. I didn’t know you billed DEAD PEOPLE. You murder them, then you bill them. You are so fucked in the head, all of you. Except for the girls in the Psyche Ward and the Psychiatrist that is. That is so odd of me, but I actually understand why I am accepting of all of you. There’s just no energy to write it. So should I just forward these bills to Buckingham Palace, or Windsor Castle, or maybe Kensington Palace? It would be great if I could like talk to HRH Prince William or something… see what he thinks being charged for a medical system that kills it’s own patients. This is over four years of this shit for me. I think I have earned a bit of right to beak off about it all the way I do. It is so simple to help me, but no… that’s not in the text book.

Anyways what set this writing off is that I am useless again. Just crippled. I should be up and feeling good, money in my pocket while finding more work, but nope. That would be too simple. That would not torture me enough. It just seems I have to be tortured. You can claim I bring upon myself, but no.. I go to Social Media to get away from my own pain because it is unbearable at times. I actually do not want to go on there. I want to do that out my own accord, not some nut job cutting off my communications exercising more godless control over my person. Speaking of such, someone tell these fucking Chinese people to stop phoning me. They always call, like just now. I do not speak Cantonese, nor Mandarin. This is Canada. At least it was.

I am upset right now because I just listened to some of the recordings with the police.. it’s just too much. I asked someone today who overheard and oversaw the police being here… I was apologetic. Sure enough he saw the whole thing. He was appalled by the police presence. Not my fault in his view. He thinks that should have been handled another way, just as I thought… but hey… I am trying to work at keeping some respect here, but maybe I am just too nice? I don’t know. I still do not want to think about it.

I cannot even go on Social Media and share this with anyone useful who might help me, because I am “Banned” for twenty more days for writing a comment to a friendly former Member of Parliament. How fucked up is that? What’s even worse.. Twitter, just “LOCKED” my Account again as I was writing this. I thought maybe I would use Twitter to send this to Brad Trost, it was his page I was writing to as a friend, that got me “Banned”. A 30 day “Ban” for writing two venting comments to a friendly former Member of Parliament. We are at WAR. Wake Up. They are KILLING US. If not one way, another.

This is a two month old Tweet.

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