Twitter too. Do you see what I mean?
    May 20th, 2020            ,

It is so CORRUPT that Twitter locks my Account this morning. I have not even been on there since they violated my Natural Right to Speak in my Own Given Name the other week. When that happened, I wasn’t even on there for considerable time. All I had done was give a few hearts to other peoples Tweets. Then suddenly someone decided Tweets made over a month prior were not allowed to be stated. Then again now.

Why would they email me this morning to tell me my Account is “LOCKED” ?

They obviously want to “Psychologically Abuse” my person over the violation of my Natural Rights, thus driving a good honest person over the edge. If that person loses it, grabs a gun, and starts killing people… (like I envision in the United States as per common belief) then all the snowflakes get played. It gets pumped all through the news and politically used to instill even more control onto the population, when the problem was the over bearing “control” to begin with.


The reason I say people are stupid is because they are. They get played. “Oh my God. Someone should have done something. Someone should have stopped him. Someone should have violated his Natural Rights.” Which was the entire problem to begin with. It is insane. It really is. This world so corrupt and people are so stupid that they tie the nooses around their own necks while demanding even more bondage to go along with it. It is crazy.

Absolutely nuts.

I almost wish I would start KILLING PEOPLE. I just do. I said to a friend the other day, I could probably KILL ten people before I am stopped. If the police are as pathetic as they have been in helping me with my needs, I can probably KILL 50 people before I am brought to a stop. This is without even using a gun – which even more idiots want to ban. I mean you people are so fucking stupid.

Maybe if you just let people speak in their own names, and maybe if you listened to their injustices before you start supporting even more injustice, this wouldn’t happen. People are literally asking to be KILLED. If not by one means, by another. People just want everyone else in bondage, and when that successfully takes place, they dust their hands off – “Mission Accomplished!”. They feel like they did something.

It is just absolutely insane.

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