Crown Administrative Counselor
    June 29th, 2018           

State Sanctioned Murder

The combined efforts of several entities have resulted in the BC Government aiding my siblings into coercing my elderly mother into killing her own son who supported her.  I just do not to seem to even care anymore as everyone just wants to wash their hands of responsibility, ‘do their jobs’ and walk away.  I like Peter Ng by the way, just not in this as it is personal, killing me that is.

Audio from June 29th, 2018

  • Your mom wants to have contact with you…
    • I am leaving her out of this.
  • ..it’s just that some people have concerns… because you…
    • you mean the same people who caused all of this to begin with?
      • the same people who prevent any sensible recovery?
      • might threaten their profits?
      • might seek recourse?
  • ..of the circumstances, the situation…
    • that those people and your offices made worse
    • I could have easily have committed suicide by now
    • the continued concern probably just cost me my truck this week
  • The only thing that they are worried about is
    • themselves
    • being held to account for their actions
    • having to give anything back
    • making things right

[ Audio Continues ]

  • Look you feel you are entitled to the house
    • I simply am (in any capacity)
  • that is something that you can discuss with your family about ok
    • negotiate with terrorists while I die in the street penniless, after my life taken out from under me?
    • in reality, this is something the Crown should behind me on
      • Responsibilities of Citizenship do not include stealing from your family and leaving them to die in the street.
  • yeah, that has nothing to do with me
    • an Absolvement of Personal Responsibility
    • your offices have aided and abetted
    • even your actions now continue help and enable them
    • everything important taken and in the control of others
    •  livelihood, finances, credit, possessions, health, relationships all destroyed, damaged or in the control and disposition of others
    • even my cat is dead
    • I am left to die the streets

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