Rental Receipts
    July 1st, 2017           

I feel bad for this, but I perhaps a reader would tell me not to.  Paying my rent of $700 in July for a single bedroom, the Land Lady wrote a Receipt for Counselling.  If I didn’t catch it upon her putting it in my hand, that is what the receipt would have said.  Naturally, she claimed it was an innocent mistake but personally I never felt it was.  In the very least, I had felt that is was a sign, a writing on the wall, of the continuous underlying dynamic.

She is a counsellor, it could be easy to do, but too much was said to make me think differently by July 1st.  Anyways, the next month did the same, but she made a point of catching herself in my presence.  She knew her intents in those very moments the pen hit the paper, I am not going to pretend to know what they were, but I do want to leave it here as for me there was far too much drama in that house.  Not only that, but far too much self-serving policy changes always keeping me in unstable footing.

All I wanted was Peace, Privacy and to keep to myself.  I cannot blame Margaret for Leeanne’s actions, but I had mail disappear and be with held, I had parcels thrown hard at my door while receiving shouts of verbal abuse, clothes I had to throw out after bleaching, I swear new clothes go missing, laundry rifled through while it was in the machine (often), promises to buy my TV, promises for arrangements with a lawyer when I was in a messed up state, all kinds of things.

Any failures of providing too much information were my own doing, but then I also have to ask… if they really were.  Given the option I would have kept it all to myself, however..  being told yes, only to be told no I cannot move in while I am actually about do that… does lead to someone opening themselves up.  I was even destabilized right when I was offered a three month contract for an easy fulltime job at $60/hr.  As I became suicidal laying in bed in my room sick for days on end, I was badgered even MORE. Anyways…

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