My Great Flying Goose!

Port Moody Police & Email.

Hi Sam,

I can be rather course in language which quite honestly began with the severe injustice of the last half decade, along with the “Communist Speech Controls” enacted by the government endorsed corporation Facebook and the like. The more someone tries to control my person, the worse I become. Which I believe is totally natural and well understood by intelligent peoples. It seems some people want to create their own monsters. I am terribly sorry that I chose those words in reply to your person because your eyes and your nose are burned into an impression in my mind from the expression on your face as you told me that you did not trust me. Now I need counselling and psychological therapy (sarcastic humour). I could not give a forensic artist enough information to sketch your face, but somehow I have now morphed however you actually look into a crossed image with my own mother and my God mother. Strange stuff and it’s probably too much to share with you.

As for wanting the best for my person… (yeah this one might take a lot to write out. Books in fact.)

If you were operating on your own, which seems rather odd to me as my burned out calculator calculates the math as to how often you read my website.. along with my mental noting of three RCMP cars in Coquitlam, who just happened to be in the right places at the right time, if you were operating on your own, or even with them and had wanted to just perform a cursory check up that’s not necessarily wrong of you. I have re-read those words and I think it is rather extreme to think I might go out and start knocking off innocent people. On a personal note, sometimes as I write my health is not the best and I do wish words were placed a little tighter as to where I want them in that same moment, but.. sometimes just getting the words out, rather than perfection, is the higher priority. My concern in attempting to push the boundary and bring attention to the extreme dangers of controlling speech is the fact that I might inadvertently plant the seed in some nut job somewhere that goes out and actually does it. Awareness. Personal Responsibility. I seem to have some sense of such.

Carrying on this conversation, I am extremely disappointed not to read any concern about the fact that Government Endorsed Corporate Entities are severely damaging, impeding and violating the individual health of Canadians and the national health of Canada as a whole. In fact, I forgive you as one single individual who might not see what I am trying to point out, but I find this all to be rather incredibly appalling. You are worried that I might go kill someone while turning a blind eye to the COMMUNIST CONTROL MECHANISMS that are the root source of the Natural Response that I feel in emotion. There are times when I am blocked from Social Media where I feel that would rip the throat right out from the fucker’s neck responsible for such. Which is exactly the same thing that they have done to My Person. It is completely Natural to want to take an Eye for an Eye so to speak. If you cannot understand the political, the social, the financial, and the health impairment to Canadian Geese who get their beaks glued shut – then maybe you need to reassess a few things.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section II.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19.

The PORT MOODY POLICE DEPARTMENT itself violates such codes in regards to my person. It is absolutely appalling enough that I would be decimated in Canada by corrupt, inept, and irresponsible actions of certain government entities. Appalling that I would be so impoverished by outright corruption to the point where I would be sleeping in the streets and dealt so much injustice, that I have become an extremely high risk for walking in front of some innocent person’s moving car to kill myself in order to bring my own misery, that I did not deserve, to an end. To be in that state and told to stay there or else (by government employees), all while my only true viable means of communication, while penniless, is the Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Publishing Platform known as Facebook over free corporate and public WiFi… clearly Sam, you do not comprehend the absolute dismal failure that is the Port Moody Police Department. You deleted and blocked the communications of a Canadian Citizen, a Life-Long Resident that you took upon yourselves to decide that should no longer live in his own home.

Do you not understand the absolute criminal negligence of your own Police Department? It is almost beyond words. I mentioned writing the Port Moody Police Chief in the email that disappeared off of Google Server’s, the one you have not even mentioned in your reply, and there so much to be said that it implodes my whole ability to even formulate the words. I just choke on the thought of writing your “Police Chief”. You people are absolute CRIMINALS. You are practically the very definition of COMMUNISTS. Furthermore, your fellow Officers literally play with fire. I have been very open about desires to kill you people. I have expressed such to Members of Parliament, even stating how I envisioned attempting such a thing. Not 60 minutes after entering such information into what just might be, for all intents and purposes, a government spy platform, I leave the house to find one of your “Officers” trying to play a form of chicken with me at Glenayre Elementary School. I am polite, just treat him like any other car I tell myself, but here’s this uniformed asshole trying to bull his way through crowning the road as if he is somebody special. Just an arrogant and extremely stupid attempt at provocation, playing games with someone who.. your Police Department MURDERED.

Naturally, like all things emotions subside with time. However, I have not actually felt in balance with the Port Moody Police until sometime perhaps three or four weeks ago. I would have to check a few records to know the exact date. I just laughed to myself as it happened. The reasons for such are to be found in a communication to The Royal Family. I had to find myself absolutely needing to stoop to that level, at that risk, to be on par with you guys. For the scales to find their balance as the Port Moody Police and My Person passed by each other a few times without incident in Glenayre. As I have written on the Port Moody Mayor’s page at least once, if not more times. You guy’s go your way, I’ll go mine, we will get along fine. Otherwise “Cluster B traits” and neither of us needs such a thing. No one does. Keep the Peace.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She still gets up there. I find that to be extremely impressive. I am glad to see it. 67 years today. Not a bad day to respond.

Thank you for writing,
Daniel John Berladyn

Let’s try this again Sara..

Let’s try this again, $1500+ and twelve days of momentum lost later… while I am literally risking my life pushing boundaries I have not come to push before now. This just to attempt to correct my overall health so that I can hope to pull through by the grace of God and find myself on an upward trajectory of self-correction. My health is so damaged from May 20th and prior that.. I cannot even get myself to write the appropriate people which is probably for the best anyways, as I cannot take another stake to the heart in another denial of attempt.

It’s all water the bridge however, if at first you do not succeed try try again. It’s the new day of a new month, and a trickle of some earnings have become possible. There is a natural rhyme and reason to way it all works. Even in healthy states, when my mind and body can take it, having the financial resources.. I learned at times a person has to allow themselves to descend, even for few months at a time, before they find themselves rising up and out of dangerous positions to soar higher than ever before. It’s a birds life I guess. We are all just birds. Chirp chirp. Tweet tweet. Honk honk.

Attempting to MURDER Grandmother’s Favourite

Hi Sam,

Since I wrote you that last email I had had an internal remorse in regards to my usage of the “b” and the “c” words directed towards your person in that very same email.  I had wanted to write with a retraction of sorts, and I had wanted to offer an apology.  This, while fully understanding that perhaps I am not the one who should really be making the apologies.  I suppose it is out of a desire for both self-respect, and a desire to continue respecting your person.  I should have not used those words, and I apologise to you.

I honestly do.  I ask for your forgiveness for doing so.

Out of the overwhelming majority of negative things that I state in regards to the Port Moody Police Department, I tend to want to cut you out of such pushing you over to the left and out of harms way.  In the hospital, after wanting you away from my person out of a health request in response to your words, something which took far too long and far too much energy to make happen – I talked to Brian Wong. Whether that was in earshot of you or not, I do not recall at this moment.

I told Brian that I liked him.  He’s a likeable guy.  I also told Brian that I thought he was very naive, along with the fact that I wanted to kick him in the head.  I wanted to kick him in the head really hard, right in the temple.  Naturally I was not going to do that, I like Brian.  I believe I even told him that in that manner.  I want to kick you head for this, and I like you!   It was a natural response to the harm you two were bringing to my person.

I just want you to know that that desire to make a physical response doesn’t really apply towards you.  There’s actually several reasons for that, but I just want to let you to know such a thing.  I also want you to know that I am not even sure that there are words to fully capture the insanity of the Port Moody Police attempting to exercise “Speech Control” over my politically motivated statements regarding “Speech Control” (and the dangers thereof).

As you can see, I am not the only one who takes issue.  Check the date.

You might not be aware of this, but I was threatened with Supreme Court by the Port Coquitlam Crown over my website.  My response was basically go ahead and kill me.  If he would have followed through with his threat, the additional strain to my person at the time would have killed me without a doubt.  I myself fully understood such.  Please ensure that you read The Canadian Bill of Rights, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, even the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Incarcerating my person against my will into a hospital that ignores my health requirements… has left my person in worse shape each and every forced incarceration.  There have been zero health benefits to my personal health each and every time.  In fact, if I was admitted while I was highly suicidal for the hardest darkest six month period of my life in 2013/2014 – I would be dead.  I guarantee you that I would have never have recovered.  I would have killed myself.  Every trigger would have been tripped.

Included here with this email is a picture of the person your department attempted to murder.  Please familiarise yourself with such, he is grandmother’s favourite.

I honestly need to buy a gun.

I have already decided well over a year ago that if I ever have my health back, my finances, and I am offered a gun again that I will not say no. I am just going to buy one if the opportunity presents itself again. I have said this multiple times all over Social Media. Do you know why I decided that?

So that I could just shoot these CRIMINALS the next time they tried KILLING ME while VIOLATING MY HOME.

These idiots have already MURDERED MY PERSON.

I will likely never be in the shape to have the disposable income again to actually buy a gun. I guess I should have just bought that one that time. This way I could have just opened the window and blew his brains out. It probably would have been worth it honestly. I believe he has marked the glass. I am just too sick from all this to go fully inspect. He banged on that window forever, I thought it was going to break and if it broke, it would have broke parts of me inside. Looks like I am going to have write out the event that night. I was done with this shit a very long time ago. The RCMP get it, what is wrong with these stupid assholes?

I cannot imagine this ever happening to my Father, nor to one of my Uncles. Just unthinkable.

Port Moody Police – You have EMAIL.

I do not take kindly to missing emails, communications games, infringements on my speech, etc.  
You are going to have to accept this.

Hi again Sam,

The last time I had emailed you was about 12 hours after I got home from the Royal Columbian Hospital that you, and Wong, had railroaded me into.  I must have said a lot of sensitive things in that email.  It was written between 4:00am and 6:30am May 26th, 2020.  Just like my emails to the Port Moody Police Department Victim Services in November of 2015, it has been DELETED from Google’s Servers.  It was a rather long email.  I felt bad because I did not even check it for typos.  I watched it send.  I noted the copy here.  I read it several times after it was sent.  I even considered fixing the typos.  I didn’t want to bother you, so I didn’t do that.

If any average person had read that email, they would probably consider me to be a very honest, forgiving, nice person.  In fact, I know it displayed much good nature and good will towards you, a Port Moody Police Officer.  It stated how I had RESPECT for you.  How you EARNED it.  How I never UPLOADED YOUR VOICE FILES to this Website for you.  It displayed someone not wanting to lay “blame” on you.  It displayed someone taking the high road.  It displayed someone extending an offering of peace and the desire to continue to express respect towards you and Officer Wong.  It also was coming from someone obviously very tired, very run down.  It expressed how you hurt my feelings by telling me that you did not trust me.  It expressed remorse for possibly hurting your feelings.

The email stated quite a bit including the $1500+ I just lost by your forcing of my person into the hospital against my will.  I am not collecting government money.  It also stated that the Port Moody Police Department nearly KILLED me multiple times.  Me, a life long Port Moody Resident.  A Life Long Resident who stayed with his parents, throwing his life down in order avoid the demise of the aforementioned.  It contained things about how I nearly killed myself in the darkest six months of my life, only to go through a very painful recovery, survive, rebuild and only to be driven back into decimation to the point where I almost dropped dead in front of your fellow Officers for the three weeks surrounding my fortieth(40th) birthday where I was asking the Port Moody Police for help only to be RAILROADED out into the street to lose everything that the loss thereof would have triggered my suicide (which I had just recovered from).

The email explained how your Police Department was told on November 7th, 2015, that if I was forced out of my home (by the Port Moody Police) – it would kill me.  I was told by the good AMERICAN OFFICER that the Port Moody Police would NOT do that.  What did the Port Moody Police do next hardly two months later?  Forced me out of my home and right into my death.  I explained how that was ATTEMPTED MURDER on the behalf of the Port Moody Police Department.  My mother did not even want you do that.  She came to me, wanting me to stop it.  Insanity.  An elderly citizen getting manipulated into killing her own son, and your Department willingly helped laughing about it.  It was funny to the people you work with.  MURDERING RESIDENTS of the City of which you work.  Funny.

I believe I went onto say a lot of things.  Including how I survived all that, and your Department tried to do it again.  I believe I stated that you people lie in files, you lie in court, you withhold information, and on and on. You even gossip opposing your own files.  The thin blue line protects is own.  It was clearly known what you were doing to me.  Which is exactly the likely reason why the System impaired me at every attempt to have the required peace and stability to write out the actual history.  You all cover each other’s asses, just like the loser Admin Staff at the hospital in which you misrepresented my words in your eagerness to control and nannie a Male Citizen.  A woman bullying around a man.  That is ungodly, check the Bible you bitch.  Timothy 2:12 .

I was really nice to you in that email, now I am obviously pissed off.  Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, and who knows who else fucks around citizens, violates their rights, impairs their finances, impedes the truth before a court of law, all while damaging the citenzries mental health, driving them mad in frustration, despair and depression.. while you “Police Officers” wear Pink COMMUNIST shirts, drive around in Clown Cars, MURDERING CITIZENS as you live off their tax dollars.  You have the audacity to write with that same tone.  I just read it tonight.  I hear the same tone that you gave me in the HOSPITAL when you said “You don’t trust me”. Maybe you need FAITH. You want to talk about trust lady?  Your Police Department nearly KILLED ME multiple times and in many ways you already have.  How do you think I feel seeing your uniform and your Commie Clown Cars?

Your fellow employees even laughed about it several times in my face.  Remember what else I said in that email?  That RESPECT was earned.  Wearing a Badge and having a Gun does not mean anything at all.  It is your ACTIONS that prove who you are. You have to live within the Truth.  Respect is EARNED.  That was hammered into me when I was young.  Principle.  I was taught Principle.  You people do not have Principle.  What you have is gross negligence, zero accountability and self-interest.  That is what you have.  There was absolutely no need for the attitude, nor the excessive handling of my person that I experienced in the HOSPITAL.  You people are Criminals. Speaking of such, all the good people that I know that live here… they all feel the same way.  The Police are CRIMINALS.

You use that Mental Health System and your fellow Government Employees in the Medical Mafia as a Weapon.  You are not there for my protection, you are there to EXTORT ME, just as the MEDICAL SYSTEM is not there for my Health, if they were they would not have VIOLATED my INSTRUCT towards my MEDICAL needs when you dropped me off.  I am the Biological Living Breathing Entity of DANIEL JOHN BERLADYN, not you, not the Overpaid Medical Staff.  God is My Doctor.  They just totally ignored my Medical needs and have now left me in an impaired health from your actions.  They are CRIMINALS just like you.  I also stated in that email to you how I explained to six staff members that they were all engaging in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by strapping me to a bed and injecting my person.  God is My Doctor.  Not them.

I was forced to accept two COVID19 Tests.  My nasal still hurts.  I sure hope they did not infect me.  Make him sick and profit.  Disgusting.

Were you pissed off that I demanded that the RCMP be here at this house because I do not trust the Port Moody Police after they nearly killed me multiple times, committing FRAUD in collusion with the FraserHealth?  It is as clear as day.  I am just so victimized by all you COMMUNISTS and my Health is so damaged that I block it out.  It’s as clear as day right now that you are all CRIMINALS and you don’t really give a fuck about MURDERING PORT MOODY RESIDENTS.  Especially if they are MALES.  You have ZERO INTEGRITY.  Your actions prove it over and over.  If you did have INTEGRITY, I would have been put in the drivers seat a very long time ago. Your choice honey, God.. or yourself… you better choose.

This was all correctable.  Instead my finances are destroyed, my credit is destroyed, my cat is dead, my own mother was manipulated against me, my extended family was all turned on me, your system of fraud that pays all of you – assisted my adopted cousin in stealing $20,000 in property that I needed to survive.  You people are Criminals.  I watch, I observe, I give the benefit of the doubt in your favour and it burns me every time.  In that email, I also expressed how I was driven to live in a homeless government funded charity where I was breathing fentanyl and things that I should have never been around.  I do not do drugs.  This because of the Port Moody Police not wanting to do their jobs (which was expressed to me by an “Officer”).  I was subjected to all of that, death threats, multiple assaults, ready to KILL MYSELF and there was the Port Moody Chief of Police on television…  OHASHI, the “Lead Investigator” did a GREAT JOB!!

Do you know how that felt?  Do you know how that felt to see such a thing knowing you that were served so much injustice that your life is going to end early and relatively soon, while your health is just to crap and you are living with junkies?  Here is the “Goon Squad” COMMUNIST LEADER wearing a Pink Shirt lying to the Public on Television. Which is ILLEGAL by the way.  You are not allowed to LIE to the Public.  BC LAW.   Do you know how that felt?  I am just touching all the crap you and the Port Moody Police Department put this INNOCENT Life Long HONEST City Resident through.  I am just touching on it.  I also expressed how I was the ONLY PERSON who was honest throughout the entire three or four year long affair while witnessing Police, Lawyers, Prosecutors, Doctors, Social Workers… all LIE.  You are all fucking Criminals.

It was even admitted to me by a Provincial Employee that they all know that they/you KILL PEOPLE.  No one knows how to stop it.  I know how to stop it.  Do you think all of you are rushing to join my side?  Do you remember me explaining God to you in that last email?  Do you remember me stating if you have a problem with the word God, just insert Truth in it’s place?  It basically means the same thing.  Standing with the Truth is the only reason I am alive.  I was prepared to die for that and I see no reason why that should ever change.  Do you know what that is Ms. Port Moody Police Officer?   That is INTEGRITY which none of you seem to have – even though you claim it right there on the badge.  That email I sent, I want to see you send it back.  If you cannot hit reply and sent that email back you can shove your badge right up your cunt, because you are just as corrupt as the rest of them.

Do you also recall how I brought up Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II in that email, and how I wrote Her four times, once even submitting it right through the Court?  Do you know what I didn’t tell you, is that I dropped myself one notch back down from God for Her.  The best decision I ever made.  She can shoot me Herself.  I will just stand still for Her.  I will do that for the Queen.  But when push comes to shove, the rest of you are pee-ons.  I am not young anymore, I was never “tough” but I have stood up to guys twice my size only to see them back down.  I have had DEATH THREATS and I went back for more.  I’ll even give you the witness.  He had to tell me no more.  He was my boss.

This house located at 560 Foress Drive, Glenayre, Port Moody, British Columbia is RELIGIOUS GROUNDS.  I am very serious about that.  Life and Death for me.  It is my REAL LEGION. My Religion.  It is between God and I.  You are to stay off the property unless you are explicitly invited by myself, or my elderly mother (without you people coercing her).  She is elderly, she does not need this garbage from you people.  You are killing her, along with me and that is not very nice as we both loved Port Moody.  Just as the neighbours here.  Original Owners.  Senior Citizens.  They were living here before the staff at your government Port Moody Police “jobs” were even born.  Where is your respect?  Sirens at 3:00am?  Your cars are stationary.  There was no need for any of that.

In fact I spoke to someone who witnessed the whole thing.  That person could not believe how poorly the situation was addressed.  I was all apologetic, he said I was fine.  No problem with me.  In my view, you could have sat comfortably in your office and wrote me emails.  We could have accomplished putting Port Moody on the map fixing the world at minimal cost.  You could have spent $200 in staff time emailing me.. instead there was officers, dogs, money being spent left and right. You guys were trying to sneak in the house like burglars. I heard the attempts.  Just crazy.  What do you guys care about?  Overtime.  More hours.  More friends on the government dole. Comfortable parking for yourselves.  More pink shirts.  More clown cars.  More photo ops.  No offence but..  I WORK for a living.  At least I did until you all destroyed that.  If I was RCMP I’d be retired.  I would have all the years in already.

Do you want to know how hard I worked?  Go read HRH Prince Williams Facebook page.  It’s written there… it’s very long.. I just touched on it in maybe 25,000 words.  I am not spell checking this for you by the way.  This house is RELIGIOUS GROUNDS you are not step foot here.  Please just stay away from the house period.  Do not try to pull me over.  I am already DEAD as Testified in The Provincial Courts of British Columbia on four separate occasions.  You people leave me be to try to pull my life back together, and maybe… if we are all lucky, I can once again pay taxes which you live off, or pay for Medical Services that attempt to KILL MY PERSON.  Holy Fuck, you have no idea what I have been put through in my life.  Do not snout your nose down at me.  Do not.

You have all shortened my life.  It is very simple.  Leave me be.  If I am assaulting people, robbing banks, driving insanely recklessly, then yeah.. you have my permission to come get me.  Even over handle me.  I am confident that I will never do that kind of thing because it is not my nature.  I am honest.  I desired to be good in life.  I desired to do good.  I desired, and I still do, to remain in line with my own truth.  At least to best of my ability.  I don’t need you people.  I am beginning to believe you cause more harm in society than good, and you do that for your own profit and your own control.  Extortion.  You are a sick people.  I just lost $1500+ that I do not have because of the night in question.  It’s KILLING ME very slowly, very painfully.

Stay away from me.  Email is fine if YOU want to WORK on this RELATIONSHIP and EARN my TRUST, my RESPECT, etc.  The door is open.. through email.  

Remember Social Distancing,

Daniel John Berladyn,
560 Foress Drive,
Port Moody, BC


Thanks for Destroying My Health (Again)

Do you normally Bill DEAD PEOPLE you MURDERED? Personally, I wouldn’t.

Now I am on day two of not sleeping. I am useless. I cannot do a thing worthwhile. I am trying to take the high road and not blame anyone. I wish I could just write it out. It would better if I could come back into balance, then do that. I don’t have time for that. Furthermore, by the time I do come back into balance it’ll be a few days. I just lost $1500 the moment the Port Moody Police showed up at the house here on May 21st or so. She had no way of knowing, her intent might have been good, but the moment she phoned and wanted me to come out front, that was what had happened. I know the whole chain. To make things worse, another job came through while I was sitting in the hospital with my thumb up my ass.

For me this is continual. It does not stop. This would drive most people insane. I struggle really hard with things I should not have to. The ball finally starts rolling, a flow starts to happen, my health and everything picks up, then boom it just comes flying apart. Is it totally her fault? Well she was told not to come by here by my person last year. I believe there was enough said that they not be dropping by this property. Not just then, over the course of the last four years as well. Just the fact that I am in this condition itself within Canada due the (in)actions of various levels of government is actually rather sad. No one has actually wanted to help me, all they have wanted to do is operate their little bureaucracy machines. That’s it. Follow pieces of paper like dumb-ass useless government monkeys.

Again did she know that I plunked down money I do not have for material that day, and I was just about to reach for the phone to deal with a “client” who was a great guy, but being far more of a pain than he should be for what his job really was. No, she did not know that, but the RCMP… tracked me I assume. Did she know I was nursing my health and avoiding him, and just finally following through at the last minute? No she did not know that (but, emails are not secure). Is it her fault? Is my fault my health, finances, pride, and every mechanism within me that I need operating is continually destroyed from prior actions of her own department? This just goes on and on for me. You have no idea how painful this is. I know that a client is about to roll an aircraft out of a hanger for me and we have to time things, I need low stress, simple easy, but not everyone operates that way. Some people like excess useless pieces of paper… that’s not good for my health, like…. ever.

Then to top it off, I didn’t buy smokes. That was my stupidity, I thought about it and I thought nah. I looked when she phoned and I had one left. That was not going to cover me. Say what you want I don’t care. I do not do drugs, I don’t even drink, but I have my one vice. The scales for me were tipping the moment I answered the phone. There’s more too, there’s way more.. but whatever. I have now lost a week. I have not taken money from the government except while I was on the street.. $300.00 a month. You do not survive on that. Anyways, I always have thoughts on constructive things and I am a wreck again today. I cannot do anything. I am just crippled. I thought maybe I can run an ad for more work? Nope. I gave the last of my money to the Conservative Party of Canada, like an idiot. Why bother in my shape? Why even involve myself in politics that are likely not a solution for anything?

I personally think there is bigger ground to be made elsewhere for Canada and the World, but I am too decimated. I have no food, yada yada yada. Did the hospital help me? Nope. The Admitting Staff, what idiots. I was thinking today.. you people working there are not even Canadian. You are not even Canadians. You are not. Idiots. They do not even listen to you trying to tell them your medical needs, they just shriek like girls… the police brought him, oh my god he’s going to shoot everyone…. just pathetic people working there. Seriously. You are pathetic. If you were at a least a real Canadian we could have communicated on the same page, but nope… you are stupid paper fucking faggots with no balls and no brains. God is My Doctor, not you fuckers. What did you fuckers do? Totally ignore everything you are being told, like idiots. You all know so much better than me what my health needs are. You are fucking educated useless morons.

Oh, you can give a “permission slip for missing work”. You are fucking RETARDS. Who do I give that to myself? You even lost the card you told me that you had had for me to contact the police after. Just idiots. Strapping me to a bed, ignoring my health instructs, ignoring everything, then injecting me. Do you fuckheads over at Fraserhealth have any idea what my “Being” has been through? No you do not. It’s not written on your paper either you idiots. Admittedly, once I was transferred…. eventually… the Staff were good, if not great at times, but I knew that was not the place for me. I also know repeating myself over and over to people who need far too much verbal explanation was not going to help me. You are just going exhaust and collapse me – like you always do, cause you are too stupid to get outside your little box and listen to someone who will actually help you save Canadian Lives.. but you educated fucks are so “smart”….

The Psychiatrist was still great in my books, thank you for you that. I think I actually like you which is odd for me. Then guess what.. after I make my way home taking the loser cruiser Skytrain and paying out $5 that I don’t have there’s a Medical Bill at home. I didn’t know you billed DEAD PEOPLE. You murder them, then you bill them. You are so fucked in the head, all of you. Except for the girls in the Psyche Ward and the Psychiatrist that is. That is so odd of me, but I actually understand why I am accepting of all of you. There’s just no energy to write it. So should I just forward these bills to Buckingham Palace, or Windsor Castle, or maybe Kensington Palace? It would be great if I could like talk to HRH Prince William or something… see what he thinks being charged for a medical system that kills it’s own patients. This is over four years of this shit for me. I think I have earned a bit of right to beak off about it all the way I do. It is so simple to help me, but no… that’s not in the text book.

Anyways what set this writing off is that I am useless again. Just crippled. I should be up and feeling good, money in my pocket while finding more work, but nope. That would be too simple. That would not torture me enough. It just seems I have to be tortured. You can claim I bring upon myself, but no.. I go to Social Media to get away from my own pain because it is unbearable at times. I actually do not want to go on there. I want to do that out my own accord, not some nut job cutting off my communications exercising more godless control over my person. Speaking of such, someone tell these fucking Chinese people to stop phoning me. They always call, like just now. I do not speak Cantonese, nor Mandarin. This is Canada. At least it was.

I am upset right now because I just listened to some of the recordings with the police.. it’s just too much. I asked someone today who overheard and oversaw the police being here… I was apologetic. Sure enough he saw the whole thing. He was appalled by the police presence. Not my fault in his view. He thinks that should have been handled another way, just as I thought… but hey… I am trying to work at keeping some respect here, but maybe I am just too nice? I don’t know. I still do not want to think about it.

I cannot even go on Social Media and share this with anyone useful who might help me, because I am “Banned” for twenty more days for writing a comment to a friendly former Member of Parliament. How fucked up is that? What’s even worse.. Twitter, just “LOCKED” my Account again as I was writing this. I thought maybe I would use Twitter to send this to Brad Trost, it was his page I was writing to as a friend, that got me “Banned”. A 30 day “Ban” for writing two venting comments to a friendly former Member of Parliament. We are at WAR. Wake Up. They are KILLING US. If not one way, another.

This is a two month old Tweet.

Four Years Running

I have had this site up for four years. Well, not quite.. but it did start out just over four years ago. It was originally to be run on a private server, on a private network, where I could just log in and write completely unknown to the world. At perhaps x-given time I would have just opened it up with logs that were very complete. This naturally would have been well organized and navigable, but that became impossible as I was so destabilized. So public I went with the idea in 2016.

Which, having to be “public” probably would have happened anyways as I needed to be completely open to save my life. As far as I am concerned this website has been extremely beneficial through some extremely challenging times. I am actually surprised that I turned it all “Off” the other month and kept it “Off”. Keeping this site running was literally the difference between Life and Death. It was very important to me, and with no money and no income, extremely stressing to keep up and running while sleeping in the streets forced out of my own home.

The question I have right now in this very moment is the same as any other time. Organization. So simple. It’s a WordPress site. How hard can this be to organise? It just is. As simple as I like everything, I make it complicated because I want things just a certain way, but I can never really get there. I truly have failed myself, I should have had something set up twenty years ago when this was just a hobby to keep myself entertained after work while resting for the next day. I had all the time in the world back then it seemed.

Well, I might have had four hours a night to myself, but I was also always dead tired so… I shouldn’t be so hard myself. I need ten of me for what I want to do with this site though. I wonder if I could even get along with ten of me. I guess if we didn’t have to talk. If we could just all stay on the same page. I don’t like talking, not unless I am care free and perhaps with a girl or something like that. I could do so much more with this site if I could just grab my own brain and hang onto it.

I actually feel pretty good lately, but finances will probably send me wonky again pretty quick if I am not careful. It’s so simple. I am just to do small jobs and keep advancing.. but I keep getting sent backwards. I am just too old to get angry, put my head down and bull through my problems… those days are long gone. I used to be able to just… like a bull… bull through, shove the feelings aside and just push through… I am old. I have white hair, aches and pains. Anyways, if anyone truly wants to help me – the comments are always open.

You can simply write a reply in to a post. Currently the first comment is screened to rid the site of spam, but after I approve you once.. you can just comment away. I do not delete.

I am far too nice.

I was forcibly brought to a hospital by a police department that has tried to kill me multiple times. The useless medical staff refused to acknowledge my Rights, they refused to acknowledge that my primary doctor is God, and that they were not to force anything upon my person. I was strapped to a bed and injected as I pointed to each of the six different different people in the room and telling them that they were each partaking in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. Like the good little COMMUNIST TWATS that they were, “they were just doing their jobs”.

Just like the naive police officer who also shrugged his shoulders and thought “he was just doing his job”. You people are all fucked in the head beyond belief. By the way, I do not have the gay little card that was given to contact the police department afterwards. I have been trying to shrug it off since I came home, but you are total fuck heads. No better than the loser $12/hour security guards, they probably have still not looked up the Constitution of their own country after I instructed them to so many times.

This whole country is full of retarded people I swear. Retarded people.


EDIT: I write things that bug me. Perhaps there was a sign of intelligence among those young security guys, I did note something between them. Perhaps they actually did look up the Constitution, the Charter, I hope so. I really do. Just for their own sake. If you two did, I apologise for my words above. Good on you.