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This Website is running on WordPress. The aim here is to keep the site independent and hosted without advertisement, without third-party data collection, and relatively simple. A Repository of links and affiliated information for my own purposes are collected here for scripting and theme development.


Posted on January 14th, 2021

I was using WordPress twenty-years ago. It just brings back memories as I re-learn the exact things I spend hours upon hours learning a couple of decades ago. I am almost reminded of my girlfriend of the time, along with so many other things. I get tripped up on the same issues, from the personality traits, I am literally going through the exact same processes all over again. It was a cousin who suggested I used WordPress five years ago. Was he ever right. I cannot believe that I needed someone to point out the obvious. I should have never abandoned my desires in terms of web-site writing.

This WordPress web-site, the Theme, it is written by myself. I may be slow, but I will get there this time. I have the most important part down pat this time. Responsive pages that work properly across all devices. I wish to stay away from Twitter’s Bootstrap, and all third-party calls if I may. I am continually attempted to even abandon WordPress, so that I may write my own scripts, but that is pointless at this point. WordPress allows for a healthy start, even if somehow everything morphed into my Php Application. If you are interested Text-Pattern is another excellent base to quickly write web-sites with.

I remember both of these applications when they began. Of course, I remember before Facebook, Google, and I even remember dial-up internet. What a change.