About this Website

The ongoing intent with the domain name berladyn.online has been to sublet the domain into various web-sites each serving different familiar entities. Currently, there are two websites active. The first is intended to be completely separate from my own identity. The ideal aim would be to compliment the greater Berladyn Family in a patriarchal sense.

The next website is to be my Personal Website regarding my very own individual person, of which I hope to self-define with time. The Privacy Policy, Legal Information and the contact details remain the same, regardless of sub domain / exclusive website.

The primary motivation since launching this website in August of 2016, has been to secure a stable public platform free from external deletion.  At the time I had absolutely needed a platform with the means to store data and freely express myself in front of the world without external impairment.  Something in which I had full control over to the best of my ability, budget and resources.  I chose Iceland for their steadfast regard towards upholding Freedom of Speech.  I am without complaint.  They have been great hosts, very polite and studious in resolving small issues in a very timely manner.  Iceland, looking back, has been a natural choice for many good reasons.

Ongoing Interest

As a former hobby, and even as part of prior employment, I previously administered a few websites.  Since the day I bought my very first computer I have wanted to write deeply and extensively about a few topics that were of great importance to my own being. This includes pursuing many personal ambitions in documenting, organizing family interests, religious interests, hobby interests, work interests, health interests, educational interests, now even public interests, locally, nationally and globally.

In fact, if I could hone myself and find some focus, stability and strength, I would like to help you make the world a better place. This website is and will continue to be a ‘Work In Progress’. By no means is this website complete.

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