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Assaulted by your Psychiatric Nurse

  May 3rd, 2018  ,

Former Text Moved to page 2. 2018-05-05 Update I wish I could write the right words here.  I almost want to apologize to Gloucester, because for him this isn’t good ‘professionally’.   For myself, only I know just how much all of these interactions with ‘Mental Health’ / ‘Social Workers’ / etc., have truly cost me.



  March 9th, 2018  ,

God’s Church or Bureaucratic Buloney ?


John Mogk

  January 26th, 2017  ,

From: Dan Berladyn [mailto:dberladyn@gmail.com]
Sent: January 26, 2017 3:56 PM
To: JohnPhilip.Mogk@fraserhealth.ca
Subject: John Mogk


Forensic Psychiatry

  January 25th, 2017 

Court Orders Letter Recieved I want you to know that I view this Forensic Psychiatry as a Violation of my Religious beliefs. ┬áIt’s a violation of Reality. The Court Ordered Psychiatry. You are damaging my health each and every time you conduct this bullshit. Naturally, I chose this route over the Tri-Cities Mental Health Clinic. […]


HOpe Centre – Dropping In

  December 20th, 2016 

The Greta & Robert H.N. Ho Psychiatric & Education Centre. With no appointment and with no history I dropped in just the way I like to – anonymously.

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