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Top Fan Status

I am not sure how or why, but it appears I have ended up with at least Fifty(50) Page Recognition’s.

I will list them here, but I have also been recognised as a Top Contributor and a Valued Commentor, on pages such as Donald Trump Junior and his sister; Ivanka Trump, just to name some names.  Those two where almost the first to grant me recogition and quite honestly the recognition only made me fearful of continuing to comment.  It was kind of spooky to see Ivanka post receiving 1500 comments in less than a minute only to watch my name get high-lighted if I had said anything.  Personally, I have not wanted to bring any taint to their world so for the most part I just shied away.  As for the rest of these pages, I have no idea why I have received so many.  Some pages listed here are pages that I have only commented on once or twice.  Maybe this is someone’s desire to credit me in order to make up for all the banning that I continually go through over Facebook.

Now that is just creepy Ivanka, but it’s making me laugh.  As I revamped the writing on this page, and resized all of the images so that they are the same size, Ivanka Trump’s Facebook Page awarded me Top Fan Status.  Unless someone has access to my local computer here, nobody knows that I was doing that.  Anyways I am not even going to sweat it.  I am all out of tinfoil anyways.  I honestly do not have any tinfoil handy here to make a hat out of so I will just chalk it up to coincidence.  Great minds think alike or something like that.  Truthfully however I would rather not flatter myself.  Stay humble.  It’s easier.  It keeps things possible.  For you Ivanka, you can have the top spot, right under Her Majesty the Queen.  My only hope is that I never embarrass anyone, but realistically it would be pretty hard for someone like me to bring any harm to any of you.  I am currently banned, otherwise I might thank your page.

I gave a sincere, genuine, compliment towards Ivanka and her husband just the other week.  I am going to assume that this is why the badge arrived just now.  Thank you, I appreciate it.