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Their Royal Hignhesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
Kensington Palace
W8 4PU

HRH Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge

I certainly hope you do not mind me borrowing your picture. I am going to steer my efforts towards you. I would actually rather write your grand-father, but I missed that boat probably twenty-five years ago. He was the perfect Man for me to write. I think of one particular day, one particular time period, when I was searching far and wide within myself… for myself, for who I wanted to be. If I could have just made that one connect, if I could have just whispered into my own ear; write “The Duke” . I would have done no wrong in doing so… I was so idealistic. He was the perfect person to be on the receiving end without even me hearing a reply.

Just write… he was perfect for such. He has more important things to do these days, like enjoy himself.