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Political Affiliation

I do not place myself into any particular political category. I am a middle-aged white heterosexual male with Christian Heritage. I find that there is no true party for me and I have stated several times that I will simply write God right onto the ballot if I am to cast another vote.

Political Issue #1

The NATURAL RIGHT to freely Speak in Your Own Given Name.

I keep going full circle with this. I was right to perceive very early on that I would run into issue after issue attempting to secure and transmit my own truth. This website is the best means that I have at the moment to communicate as I see fit. However I am unable to keep my focus on developing this site as continually losing momentum on any given task is very painful for me. I distract myself with Social Media which consequently bans for political purposes and I end up looping around full circle.

Political Issue #2

The NATURAL RIGHT to Pursue and Maintain Your Own Truth.

Rooting out institutionalized (un)intentional corruption and injustice is actually why this website exists. If I wasn’t in-justly impoverished and consequently bouncing in and out of survival I would have been able to lock onto a goal pushing ideas forth. I can understand how others would not comprehend the aims of my convictions, they are not me and they have not gone through what I have. In my view, the average person should waste less energy in the political arena and concentrate it where it be far more constructive.

In my perspective, I feel I know how to do just that. However, I lack the basic resources and stability.

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