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Killing a Guy through His Heart

Kill the Men, Reward the Whores, Collect the Profit

I plan on updating this page.. it is not how I would like, I am too ill.  I reserve the rights to edit and improve these pages for accuracy.  These morons.  Criminals.  Do not ever come near me again.  The only reservation I have putting this information up on the internet, is that I would rather collect all their files first.  Otherwise they will edit their own if I give them the chance.  They have already proved themselves to be corrupt, so in the end it doesn’t matter I guess.  I am in not the health for this bullshit and this just cost me more than I can write at the moment, on top of.. what it has already cost me.  No matter how I am viewed, or how I sound, these people are pieces of shit.

I could sound a lot better, but health is not very good and I needed to be doing something else this day than this.  It is so hard to write so that someone may understand.  I needed to be going invoices and creating invoices, going back maybe five jobs, which is not my normal practice and there’s just so much, never mind I have a headache continuously until the previous day when all of this was dumped on me.  I was waiting for it to clear so I could function and it finally cleared..  just to have this affront to my health, emotions, pride… ground into my being.  I could explain all of this beautifully, but I am too ill.  The more I state that I am too ill, the less forward opportunity I have to clear through it all.  It does not seem to matter, it is one thing after another, no matter how easy I make it for myself.  Too much internal damage, which perpetuates.

As a Tradesperson, as a person who works in peoples houses, as a person who arrived to work on properties where there are ‘domestic disputes’ centering around my presence and/or the work being performed, or odd disturbance, historically I had always left.  I would have denied applying my skills on the premise that I do not wish to harm onto people.   I would feel guilty for furthering people’s problems and worsening relationships.  Out of principle I would have left.  I do not wish to be used as a tool of injustice.  I would not want to live with the guilt.  A few hours work and a little bit of money is not worth someone’s life to me.  There is no way I would drove away then came back under police escort.  What a total piece of shit.

What is even worse than my siblings intentionally pushing the envelope and this is intentional, believe me (they lie), what is even worse is the police aiding and abetting.  These government employees are complete pieces of shit, just absolutely disgusting gross use of their positions.  Especially when they know as much as they do.  Lazy and self-serving.  The whole System had set this up as their playing card.  I could fully see process in action a year ago.  I would not agree to it.  It was as clear as day when they denied my Constitutional Right to a trial the day before Canada Day.

As my sister had stated “Mom’s easy”, easy for her to manipulate.  There is so much I could write, it just makes me too sick.  As my sister also stated “Mom’s dumb”, I can forgive because she had been manipulated to turn on me for over two decades, her friends are useless old betty’s who contribute to my downfall like a bunch of old hens, the media and government pumps feminism, the laws empower the women, and everyone profits of killing males.  Everyone.  They are so accustomed to it they do not even think it is wrong.

Here are the virtue-signalling ‘heros’ showing up and completely ignoring somebody they nearly killed multiple times over.  Instantly they know who I am.  With absolutely no regard for anything true and important, they seek to instantly bypass me and talk to the poor unfortunate female.  Just another routine predetermined procedure of bureaucratic communist criminals.  Make their way into a fifty-year family home and dispose of an abused male, who has literally been destroyed and nearly murdered by prior actions.  It is just some worthless son barely operating and near critical condition which is only made worse by psychologically acknowledging it.

Little do the police care that this whole event just pushed him away from what he needed to do to avoid further collapse which he is on the brink of. The only thing the police care for is the automation of their jobs, the predetermined script.  Which is exactly what the fraudulent criminal courts were setting up in past appearance against the common sense towards the greater good.  Setting up the guise and installing a legal lever so that the police can just walk in and remove someone at the whim of a manipulated woman.  A guise to ‘protect’ and to ‘serve’ a ‘poor innocent elderly woman’ who was manipulated into killing her own son.  If at first you do not succeed try try again.

After bleeding the life out him for her own existence, the other off-spring want him gone, disposed of.  They want to ‘take’ what they would not endeavour to earn themselves.  The police are more than happy to assist, lie in their files and cover for the injustice.  They are criminal pieces of shit who lie in files and lie in court.   Walking into the family home of a life-long resident who has done nothing wrong, someone who has nearly dropped dead, to throw him out in the street after he just saved his life, thus preventing his own suicide.  Only to then loose his livelihood and all means of recovery.  As if that was not enough, they did again (and much more), now they are here to do it yet another time.

The police are absolute zeros.  The things I had heard them state.  The attitudes.  The files.  Everything, they are zeros.  The only cares the police had two weeks ago while over-hearing a conversation over needs around the department, was the repainting the parking lines at the police station for the comfort of the staff.  That and creating another new position. The suggestion that they someone to act as a maintenance staff on the building.  This all sounds normal to most people, but if you understood the reality you would take a different view.

In my health, these verbal interactions are very hard on me.  From the audio, I am fairly clear right of the bat even though the Officer does not want listen.  You can hear it in his tone.  I am going to speak to you about your Oath you took upon becoming a ‘peace officer’ or a ‘police officer’ or whatever ‘title’ you want to appropriate for yourselves.  Your Oath to Her Majesty the Queen; Queen Elizabeth II.  I am too ill to track to it all down at the moment, too over-burdened, too weak but I believe each of you swore an Oath.  You are not to bring harm to Her Subjects.  They know I am recording this as I have been fairly transparent.

I should not even let them into this house, they should not even be here and this on my mind too.  I wanted to write them a letter many months ago to ensure that they would never do this.  I did not have the resources to even function, let alone follow through with things that I knew needed to be done.  Regardless, too weak and incapacitated from thinking everything through, I do not resist.  Come on in and talk to my mother.  She is not danger and never has been.  It is me that is in the danger and always has been.  These police officers just being here are only compounding problems, that were compounded by the calculated drive to hire an electrician as an affront.

These police have one goal, eliminate ‘their’ problem.  Self-serving.  This had already been decided.  They have the ‘paper-work’ to do what suits them, so in their eyes just get up to the house, get the verbal confirmation for ‘legal purposes’ and then legally remove the real victim who cannot take anymore damage or displacement out of their home.  All this so that someone else can enter that home and cause further crippling emotional damage without any care.  This sounds minor but if you understood the whole history, this is absolutely disgusting.  A complete disgrace.  I am in such bad shape that my brain conks out during verbal speech.  A month or more ago I collapsed and hit my head, triggering the largest lump to immediately appear on my forehead.  Blood and all.

You listen to that above recording, I am telling him that I will be DEAD.  Biologically DEAD.  Realistically, the rest of me already is DEAD.  It is better for me not to say that, but that is the reality.  The only thing I can do, is attempt to pull myself together and move forward.  People do not understand what that means.  For that to happen, I have to find my pride, my joy, my success, my own progression which is internal.  They have completely everything that ever drove me and I would be DEAD if I was not in this house.  I am managing the best I can to everyone else’s wrong assumption.  Yet, they want to take the easy path and remove me.   Obviously they have no disregard for my mental health, for my biological health, for my overall health.  A life-long citizen who did the ‘right’ thing.

Close and lock the door, allotting them the privacy to get whatever they ‘want’ to hear, which has been proven again to me.  Reading the lies in files, reading the transcripts of audio recordings which conveniently leave out words.  They are so friendly while they fuck you.  They sound so nice and polite, but they are not.  What they are, is without God.  Up until this moment, mother is on the phone with my sister.  My sister is doing her thinking for her, her manipulation of an elderly person for personal gain.  All of this, had a sinister aspect to it.  The whole endeavour, my sister and my siblings new exactly what they were doing.  When I came back home, the full time baby-sitting operation was in play (much to the complaints of my mother), renovations that my sister wanted have happened and her ‘new’ boyfriend is storing his stuff here, which sits right in the way of organisation.

The house is a complete mess because these people just want take and use what they did not work for.  I have enough problems without this bullshit and subtle aggression being rubbed in my face.

It certainly didn’t take long.  He wants me to open the door and talk to him.  These people should be fired.

So here I am scattered, not knowing what their plans are.  Maybe they will send another ‘Emergency Response Team’ and lock down the neighbours who have known me all my life but do not wish ‘to get involved’.  One of them, an Elementary School Principle making nearly a comfortable $100k per year even lied to the cops just to cover his own ass.  I could write lots about people, but I have not.  Anyways, for all I know they  are going to kick in the doors of the place I was born, a place that is at the very core of my being in ways that people are completely ignorant to gloss over.   Maybe the teams of police in military gear and equipment will appear again and warn me to come before I am hurt, just before they throw flash grenades and come at me with weapons.  I mean, how ridiculous.  They destroy and kill innocent people with little to no remorse.

No psychological peace, my headache has come back full tilt.  The damage is done, at this point they do not even know what did.  The chain reaction, which really starts at my sister and my siblings, but the police are not innocent at all.  I know for myself that I cannot take much more damage and the continuum of resources that is keeping me functioning is going to be knocked out.  Time delay.  I am wondering if this just sets in motion just enough backwards momentum that I just screw it and go kill myself.   The damage to one’s core and their basic functioning, let alone the mechanisms that drive them, the ability to survive and thrive, how much can I possibly take?

The damage is far more than clocking out for a few hours, everyone involved is extremely ignorant.

So here comes the PMPD Supervisor from two years ago.  He’s going to come and talk because he thinks he has a good rapport from two years ago.  The truth is that I thought he was absolutely clueless.  A nice guy, I have not wanted to put him down, but he is completely naive about life and the system he that gives him a stable comfortable pay-cheque.  This guy, as nice as he is, was driving me nuts.  I am trying to get online and think… how and where would I type my way out of this over Facebook?  Who?  Where do I leave the words?  What are the right words?  I know it is death for me.  That might sound ridiculous but it is true.  It is like a nuclear chain reaction that these Officers are insistent upon setting off, while remaining hidden from the world.

This moron could not understand two years ago that he was about push my into a system that is like a spider web.  A place of absolute hell, where you get bound up and the blood gets sucked out of you before you die.  Suck the life right you of you.  The guy is just clueless.  They all are.  I am honestly trying not to discredit them, but none of them understand the concept of actual work and paving your own path through life.  Most people reading this probably do not understand that.  These police officers are on salary, employed, guaranteed cheques, and on and on.  They are coddled from the real world as most people are.  They do not supply their uniforms, guns, gear, pencils, paper, car, etc.  Everything is provided.   That is not the case for me, I provide all.  I provide the security.  At least I did, never to recover.

The dumbest fucking cops.  The dumbest cops.  I mean so fucking stupid.  If you knew you what you were doing, would you know that I walked away from the court system and I did not obey court orders that are beneath me.  A complete bunch of fucking morons wasting my very limited psychological health while causing me ever more crippling damage.  I feel bad saying that, but it is true.  He is not informing me, or teaching me anything here.  The only thing he is doing is proving that he does not have a clue about the greater truth.  Not a clue.  So now he just keeps trying me crazy.  While I try to seek help elsewhere.  Meanwhile people online probably think I am nuts desperately trying to type out a sentence without having my thoughts distracted preventing me from doing so.  The guy is like talking to a fucking woman.  Just clueless.

Probably the best recording of this day right here.

One of the few Officers…