Port Moody, British Columbia

I live in a location where people in government positions help others take your life unjustly and kill you. Definitions 1 through 3 are accurate. I am not even exaggerating when I use the word.

1.) the crime of unlawfully killing a person, especially with malice, aforethought
2.) something very difficult or dangerous
3.) something outrageous or blameworthy
4.) a flock of crows

Forensic History

The idea was to write a forensic history as accurately as possible, but I was made too impoverished, I was continually impeded and I was routinely impaled. I am still staked through the heart in manners that cripple my person, hamper recovery, and ensure my loss of life. I am still abused to this day by means of denial. They are all criminals who empower other criminals to take what is most important to you.

1.) relating to, involving, or being a crime.
2.) relating to crime or to the prosecution of suspects in a crime.
3.) guilty of crime
4.) disgraceful

Obtaining a Gun

I was offered a gun to deal with this problem in 2015. I didn't think a gun was the answer, but now I see that I was foolish not to take one. I don't necessarily need a gun to do certain things, but the time has long come and gone to see that having one was a realistic answer. To the 'police officer' who tried to guilt me over this with the amount of shootings earlier this last year, you need to look in the mirror.