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Asking for your Contribution

It is May 24th 2019, as I attempt to add this single paragraph.  If I was smart I would understand that I am just going in circles in the outlook I was about to write.  I cannot believe the amount of people who continually make their way into my life with zero-accountably creating problems that I cannot afford.  Then they walk away with their nose high.  The amount of perpetual damage.  It is unbelievable.  Crippled.  Emasculated.  Vulnerable.  Defenseless.  Everyone puts the screws in.



This page exists from when I was left in a destitute position with no real-world viable options to save my own life after being railroaded by the ‘system’.  As a consequence I as a person who had done nothing morally wrong was kept at the very edge of committing suicide for very lengthy inexcusable duration’s.  This while paper-pushing people excused themselves of any responsibility and common-sense while hiding behind pieces-paper.  Paper-people demanding that I obey and remain under conditions where I could willingly walk into a moving car at any given moment.  That is unless I did not drop dead from my heart giving out beforehand.  For as much as I write I cannot seem to capture the entire scope of the unjust scenario brought on by this ridiculousness system of paper bureaucrats.  Bureaucrats who live comfortably off of the demise of others.  Perhaps the label of unwitting-communists fits well.  People who do not have the comprehension to understand that they are simply self-serving communists enriching themselves at the expense of others.

As a person who, from a young age, set personal mandates of my own; including the endeavor to not take from others while strongly desiring that others do not take from me, I have learned to take much issue with the way this ‘system’ works.  As an ‘Artisan’ I earn an honest living with my hands.  I work for every penny I earn and not a cent more.  This concept, as I intend to communicate it, is completely lost on the mentality of most others.  They simply do not comprehend what it truly means to earn a living based solely on what is accomplished.  In coming before the world and asking for private financial help I was not only lowering my own pride in character, which has been a driving force in my life, the act was truly a loss for everyone.  This ‘system’ is not operating the way it should.  Especially when one considers what is available at our fingertips.  Personally I find this ‘system’ of follies inexcusable.  Asking for private donations made from the good-will of others was the only means available not only to survive, but to remain free.

In originally asking for donations I was not only looking to prevent my own suicide, but more importantly I was looking to help each and every single one of you.  It was very apparent that the only way to fix myself was to fix the system first.  That is to refine the system so that the unintentional corruption which plagues all of our living standards is rooted from the bureaucracy.  The truth is I do not even want to challenge even nor change the system from what it is.  I only want to refine it so that it actually has the opportunity to work the way we all believe it should.  The way I see things the system does not work for the private citizen, nor the government employee, nor the police officer, nor the mental health ‘professional’, nor the lawyers, nor the prosecutors, nor the judges.  It does not work all the way up to Her Majesty the Queen.  This system does not work simply for the the complete lack of integrity checks in the most basic of processes.  Personally, if I could ever write out my convictions as I see them, if I could ever have the supportive ears (yours) needed, I know that this is the most important improvement mankind could make for himself (herself).

Everyone is looking in the wrong direction.  If we fix these problems at the lowest of levels the haze in society will lift and we will be able to fix the bigger problems else where.  Mankind cannot possibly learn to tackle the large problems until it conquers the small ones.

  • If you would like to donate in Canada, please send an Email Bank Transfer to:
  • Otherwise money sent through Western Union will suffice.

As of this current date in revising the writing on this web-page I am still unsure of my response to the courts.  I find it interesting how one’s perspectives relax along with their current environments.  Hence perhaps why many people do not take my words seriously.  Perhaps they are just too comfortable.  I know my responses, it is not solely the relaxing on my part, it is the lack of momentum which has tripped my my momentum repetitively for too long.  Crippled, disorganized and powerlessness for too great a period of time.  Realistically I have already concluded my own determinations.  I appear to struggle at the requirements having others to know and accept them.  That is I struggle at the remembering, reciting and the re-founding my deeper convictions so that they may be communicated without mis-step and regret.   I believe my over-all health and the damage thereof is part of the problem.  While I attempt to find my way please enjoy the following video.  It is one I began playing during the beginning of these ‘system failures’ in November 2015.  This video was one of the first posts to this web-site along with my cat who is no more.

I should mention, rather than donations at this point:

  • I would prefer hassle free work when I need it, as I need  it.

I can generally provide that on my own by just absolving myself of any care other than core processes while allowing the winds of opportunity to take me where they blow.  However, others, karma, fate, the hard coding of this obtuse system..  continually seem to make me drop sails.