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Fun with Words

“English is, by any reckoning, a very large language. No one is entirely certain how many words it contains (since it is very difficult to get everyone to agree on how to count them), but general estimates are somewhere in the neighborhood of a million (it’s a very large neighborhood). English has shown a remarkable ability to assimilate words from all over. Although the majority of our vocabulary comes from Latin and Greek roots, there are many thousands of words taken from other tongues.” –

I just do this in my head from time to time.  Looking at this list, I just tried to throw a bunch down and start a list, but sometimes it’s not so convenient just to add to it or improve.  Often when I am thinking stuff like this, there is deeper thought pattern going on.  Perhaps some of these should be removed, but it was just an attempt to get myself parking them somewhere.

Hearth – He-earth, His-earth
Heresy – Hear-Say, Her-Essay, Her-Say
Heaven – Heave-in, He-have-in, He-gave-in
Hell – He-ill, Heel, He-fell
History – His-Story
Husband – House-Band

Whore – Who are (thee, me, we)
Wife – Womb-of-Life

Man –
Woman – Womb man

Jesus – Je’s us, He’s-Us, He is us

God – Godt, Good t, Good Truth

England – Engle-land, Angle-Land, Angel-land
English – Engle-ish, Angle-ish, Angel-ish
British – Brite-ish, Bright-ish
Briton – Brite-one, Bright-one

Bible – Bib, Baby, Babble, Bib-leon, Baby-lion, Babylon
Christ – Cry-est, Cries-t, Cries-on-the-Cross, Cries-Truth, Cries-His-Truth / Cure-ist / Crest

Husband – Whose-band, House-band,
Wife – Womb-life
Son – Sun
Daughter – Doubt-her, Dote-her, Dot-her, Date-her, Do-(n)aught-truth-her, Do-not-truth-her
Him – He I am
Her – He are

Devil – ‘Lived’ backwards
Evil – ‘Live’ backwards

Father – F is the opposite of Female, Feminine. // F-at-her
Mother – M is the opposite of Male, Masculine. // M-ot-her

Baba – Ba-ba (baby talk)
Mama – Ma-ma
Dada – Da-da
Nana – Na-na
Papa – Pa-pa
Opa –  O-pa

Europe – Your-opa (your grandfather)
Africa –
Asia –

Justice – Just-ice, Just-Us

Penis – Pen-Is
Vagina –  (no clue about that thing.. strange place that).

Dick –
Cunt –

Sperm –
Egg –

Birth – Berth
Born –

Create –

Procreate –

Earth – E-are-th, We-are-th, We-are-thee
Moon –