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Web Development

As a former hobby, and even as part of prior employment, I previously administered a few websites.  Since the day I bought my very first computer I have wanted to write deeply and extensively about a few topics that were of great importance to my own being. This includes pursuing many personal ambitions in documenting, organizing family interests, religious interests, hobby interests, work interests, health interests, educational interests, now even public interests, locally, nationally and globally.

My first venture into actually learning websites first began when I was entrusted with the passwords to change my own information on a page dedicated to people I would play European Air War with. Just out of my own nature I had started tweaking without permission and I ended completely revamping everything. Give me an inch I take a mile it seems, just like anyone else. To my surprise they were very happy I had done that. I became the effective leader of the group. I would spend more time trying to learn web-pages than I did playing games.

My next advancement into web-page design was paying for paying for my own hosting. I had wanted to automate much of the pages. I wanted to learn how to code and create a dynamic live site. I spent so many hours after work. It worked well for me as it kept out of trouble and had allowed me to keep myself busy outside of work while ignoring some very painful personal realities that where impossible to deal with otherwise. I would just spend hours learning the hard way. On my own that is. I would be tired often and it didn’t always sink in.

Eventually I was entrusted with login information to a website of a large community of flight sim enthusiasts centred around B17’s run by a California Highway Patrol Officer. I would burn myself right out trying to code my ideas and having to work far too hard making living at the same time. I would almost find myself bitter at some of the friends I had made online and their comments. They clearly worked a lot less than I did making much more money. Auto-Workers Union. All the energy and esteem in the world available to themselves.

Eventually I got myself away from games attempting to pursue more personal interests. I wanted to create my own personalised website where I just could log in and have all my own information pertinent to myself. At the same time I would rack my brain how to use the internet to create what would be a guild. An online guild of tradeworkers, similar in effect to a union, but much more in tune with reality as far as how the Trade Mentalities actually work. I spend so many hours on so many ideas only to throw all away at some point.

A major change in my life was joining the union representing my trade. I then found myself as a union organiser, which naturally placed me into the right place at the right time to look after that website. However, for someone so independent, so used to working alone, it just became impossible for me to just go ahead and do what I wanted to do with the site. Not only did it have to be correct, the pressures of selling ideas, having them approved and then trying to implement them.. it was just too much psychologically for me.

Looking back, I was probably at my best for coding knowledge back then. I could write functional scripts and do neat things that I have somewhat lost touch with now. I know what is possible, however I do not have the same stability and ready skill set to apply while chasing down what ever idea I have. Which is why this site is nothing compared to what I would really want. This site is continual mess, just like my life I suppose. Everything below is just intended as a place for notes and quick reference.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Hypertext Processor (PHP)
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
Virtual Contact File (VCF)

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
– Requests for Comments (RFC)

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

Number Resource Organization (NRO)

Uniform Resource Identifier (URI)
Uniform Resource Name (URN)
Uniform Resource Link (URL)
Uniform Resource Characteristic (URC)