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Coast Salish

Chief Dan George

If I am not mistaken, I actually worked in his house. That was quite some time ago. To me at the time it was just another job. Just get in, be the best I could be, do the best I could do, and get out. I remember the first day when I first arrived, someone was talking to me and telling me all about the house, and yada yada. It made no difference to me. Thinking of it now I probably should have been a little more aware and eager take interest, but then again.. it was probably like one of five jobs I was juggling that week. No time for useless information.

I did appreciate the style of the houses in the area and the view however. I remember taking in the view of my home area from the opposite side of the water. It gave a totally different perspective that I was not accustomed to. A beautiful view. Those people in those houses along where that one was, they are lucky. Of course, everyone in Greater Vancouver was lucky in the older days, in days gone by. Less people meant better standards of living for us all. It was so much better here before. I am sure the Coast Salish agree.

Native Indians

I call Native Indians, Native Indians. I see nothing wrong with doing so. Neither does my Native Indian friend.


It is a shame that things are politicised so much, polarised for the gains of others.