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Category: Social Media

Thought Control Zone – Enemy at the Gate

Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Publishing Platform – Check point.  It is like the Front Lines. Enemy at the Gate. Block him. Do not let him work around our “Systems” of thought manipulation and speech control.  I am not even sure that I know which side is which anymore.  I am still catching up on sleep.  I am tired.  Nobody cares about their ability to speak.  It’s sad.

Dear Facebook

Dear the GOVERNMENT ENDORSED Social Media Communications Publishing Platform known as Facebook,

I am Canadian and you are infringing on my Natural Rights to Communicate with an Elected Member of Parliament and my fellow Canadians during a Canadian Federal Election. This goes against my Constitutional Rights in Canada.


This is no different than a Government Endorsed Corporation going around gluing the beaks of birds shut to fulfill that very same corporations political agendas. It is a violation of my Natural Rights, it is a crime against Humanity, a crime against Mankind itself.

Quite honestly I have nothing against you people, but I do think that I just might believe that you should all be brought up on Criminal Charges and Tried for these Crimes. They are Crimes.  It is Criminal behaviour, your conduct that is. People MUST have the ability to speak in their own names, on their own accounts and over official government pages in their respective countries in the absolute very least.

Free Speech Social Media Communication Platforms

Gab is a community of people from around the world who are working together to build open source software products that preserve the freedom of speech, sovereignty, and privacy for everyone on the internet.  Our mission is to protect free expression, decentralize the web, and democratize access to information for all people, everywhere.  Individual liberty, open source software, and user privacy are at the core of our company’s mission and of our community values.”

Since finally signing up in December of 2017, I find I just keep going full circle.  Back to Gab.

Back to the Wild West…

Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Platforms

Maintaining a Safe Environment – The Right to Impede Natural Rights.

I do not even like Twitter.  All it is is a bunch of Twats trampling over each other to see who can out Politically Correct another.  The whole platform is a Social Cess Pit.  The whole thing.  I have not witnessed much intelligence, nor the means to communicate such.  It is just a bunch of Celebrity Twats pretending that they are Virtuous.  It’s sick actually, but maybe I can be proven wrong.  Perhaps I should be thankful that my Natural Rights to communicate were impeded to ensure that no one was “tweeting” in my name.  But then, if that was the case why was I not provided with a ‘Verification Code’ to log in last night?

Time to find out if my “tweets” are still there.

Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Platforms

Facebook is a Fraud.   Twitter is a Fraud.  Everyone is a Fraud.  Twitter had already verified my phone number.  So now what happens is that they refuse to log me in and pretend that they need to re-verify my phone again.  They call from a ‘private number’ and there is no audio.  Just mute silence when answering the call.  In this manner they can prevent my communications.  My crime?  My crime was likely well written tweets to a Canadian Senator, the President of the United States and the corporation of Facebook earlier on this evening.

I had the following Web-Site Visitors earlier today:

  • Department of National Defense (Canada)
  • Shared Services Canada (Ottawa) 

For all I know this web-site partly blocked on many networks as I had strange corporate network-type visitors earlier and although the web-hits still come through, from experience I expect them to be higher with the places that I am landing my words.  Everything is corrupt.  Everyone is a self-serving piece of shit. Everyone.