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Category: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Free as a Canadian Goose

Canadian Bill of Rights

“The Parliament of Canada, affirming that the Canadian Nation is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions;”

I am a Man.  I identify as a Man.  I am meant to be Free, like a Canadian Goose.

Law Enforcement, whomever, you do not try to pull me over.  You do not attempt to infringe on my mobility.  You do not do a single thing to impede my ‘Truth’, nor my ‘Mental Health’, nor my ‘General Overall Health’.  You have already been clearly instructed and informed verbally in person.  Do not touch me, do not approach me without contacting my person online, before engaging in free conversation in front of the World.  Alternatively, email is acceptable as long I am left with the psychological peace to reply, look after affairs and freely contact the world beforehand.  Do not impede me.  Do not cause me any more harm.

RCMP Member & the Constitution

I am not going to bother rambling about my day, but I will say that there has been a very strong interest on my part over the last few days to walk out into St. Johns St., Port Moody and right into a moving car so that the PMPD has to deal with it.  I actually have little other choice it appears.  It will all just be covered up anyways, I doubt a Coroner will actually do much.  I met one at the emergency shelter, it felt like he was a ‘plant’.  Same with that Interpol Officer, he felt like a ‘plant’, but he wasn’t.  Anyways, onto the story…

Not Certifiable

You know what I need PMPD, wiping your rear end with procedures to clear your liabilities is not it.

Just after finishing dinner, two RCMP Members were suddenly beside me asking for my name.  The story was that the email to the OPCC last night, triggered a chain reaction and the PMPD asked the RCMP to check into me.  We go talk in private and as usual I chose to be rather open.  They had to take me to the hospital so off we go.