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Author: Dan Berladyn

Dear Port Moody City Council – Re: Mayor Rob Vagramov

Dear Port Moody City Council,

As per Dianna Dilworth’s invitation via her verified Twitter Account, I am responding to her welcoming the opportunity for City Councillors to hear from City Residents regarding the personal affairs of the current Port Moody City Mayor.  I do not know any details of the current legal affairs regarding the duly elected Mayor Rob Vagramov, but I can pretty much assume that none of you were there yourselves in person to witness whatever did, or whatever did not happen, between himself and some sort of woman.  In fact, I would venture to guess that Mayor Rob Vagramov is the only one who knows what it is he actually did and actually did not do.

Well, I honestly cannot keep up to the FRAUD

There is so much FRAUD and CORRUPTION that it renders a person unable to keep up with the amount of FRAUD and CORRUPTION.  It is unbelievable that otherwise intelligent people buy into all the BULLSHIT.  It really is.  Unbelievable.

Do you know what I should have done tonight in hindsight?  Hindsight being 20/20 and all?  I should have recorded all of my Facebook activities so that people could watch them silence me.  I should have done that while allowing people to determine for themselves the real reasons why I am being silenced.  If you ask me, it is simply Political Corruption.

Any Excuse.  Look at this one for an Example.  Ban me from Facebook for Spelling.  Who would have guessed?

Dear Facebook

Dear the GOVERNMENT ENDORSED Social Media Communications Publishing Platform known as Facebook,

I am Canadian and you are infringing on my Natural Rights to Communicate with an Elected Member of Parliament and my fellow Canadians during a Canadian Federal Election. This goes against my Constitutional Rights in Canada.


This is no different than a Government Endorsed Corporation going around gluing the beaks of birds shut to fulfill that very same corporations political agendas. It is a violation of my Natural Rights, it is a crime against Humanity, a crime against Mankind itself.

Quite honestly I have nothing against you people, but I do think that I just might believe that you should all be brought up on Criminal Charges and Tried for these Crimes. They are Crimes.  It is Criminal behaviour, your conduct that is. People MUST have the ability to speak in their own names, on their own accounts and over official government pages in their respective countries in the absolute very least.

British Columbia – Premier

I honestly do not like picking on politicians, but someone has to do it.

What a waste of my server space and bandwidth.  There are so many other things I could pressing forth with if I was not continually impaired from speaking.  The Right to Speak people, the ability to communicate in your own given name, in your own identity, it is one of the most Primary Rights. Without such, you will not make much headway in protesting the rape of your daughters, the neutering of your sons, the genocide of your peoples, the murderous thugs attempting to extinguish your life.  You need to be able to speak.  Everyone does.  This is Grade One, Page One stuff.

Insured by God

The whole System is corrupt.  Nice letter.  I note how the communications of a “private” corporation are frequently timed, well uniquely timed, continually when I am about to interact with Government Agencies.  This tells me that there is a leak of information somewhere and that privacy laws, are all bullshit used to instill one-way controls.  I have Testified in Court, I believe on four separate occasions, that I have been MURDERED by the State in the good name of Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II.  Every time I turn a corner I get @#$%’ed again by someone, somewhere in the government, and the effects just keep continuing.  Right now, I just returned from confirming the negative effects of a government employee which dates all the way back to January of this year.

“We are prepared to have a reasonable discussion

That is very well of you, however those in government positions apparently do not.  In fact, they would rather just bury their crimes and move on.  It has already been said.  If I have no Rights neither do you.  As it is, I am tempted to write “Insured by God” on my license plate and continue going my own way.  This is only compounded by my immediate situation, the information that I confirmed today, and your letter.  Earlier this year, perhaps it was late last year even, people who are friends with people who have dined with the President of the United States Donald J. Trump told me that they believed I really had spoken with him over the internet.  He is like that I was told.  The manners in which he engaged me that is.  Do you know what he spoke of?


If I have learn to forgive after being decimated unjustly just to try to manage to attempt to try to move on while continually facing problems that should not be there, maybe what you represent should do the same.  That is, maybe you should learn to forgive and to move on.  I might write more in depth here, but it is critical that I put my attention elsewhere at this moment.

Free Speech Social Media Communication Platforms

Gab is a community of people from around the world who are working together to build open source software products that preserve the freedom of speech, sovereignty, and privacy for everyone on the internet.  Our mission is to protect free expression, decentralize the web, and democratize access to information for all people, everywhere.  Individual liberty, open source software, and user privacy are at the core of our company’s mission and of our community values.”

Since finally signing up in December of 2017, I find I just keep going full circle.  Back to Gab.

Back to the Wild West…