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An effort to secure for Canadians an 800-year old tradition of ordered liberty, which dates back to the signing of Magna Carta (also called the Great Charter of Freedoms) in 1215 in England. Habeas corpus, the right to challenge unlawful detention by the state, comes from English common law.

Legal Information

Freedom of Expression

Laws may refine, change and complicate, but principles do not. As a Man born free unto this Earth, as a human-being, I hereby declare that upon my very creation God has chosen for me to be of free-will and to possess self-determination. If you would like man-made codes, which may or may not be enforced, you are free to read the following:

Terms of Understanding

Please understand that by no means is this website complete. All information held within this website is not intended for reproduction, duplication nor distribution for any other party without express consent by the author. You are more than welcome to freely link to any page. Please note that all information held within may be updated and refined over time. Generally I am not out to hurt anyone. If there are statements that are troublesome for you I would suggest writing a well put together personal letter and sending it my way: Contact Information.