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Welcome to my Personal Website,

My name is Daniel John Berladyn.  I was born the third son out of four children to Frank and Margaret Berladyn on November 12th, 1975 at 10:05 pm in Grace Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  From here, I returned home to 560 Foress Drive, Port Moody, British Columbia where I would spend the rest of my life with the exception of a few recent years.  The exception of these few years is what prompted the launching of this website in August of 2016.

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Being raised in Glenayre, at three and a half years old I entered Glenayre Pre-School, then Glenayre Elementary School as a Glenayre Griffin before I became a Banting Brave and then a Port Moody Blue. After schooling I began my working life in the Building Trades where I soon found myself apprenticing as a Drywall Finisher.  After spending several years sub-contracting I joined the International Union of Painter and Allied Trades – District Council 38.  Eventually I was talked into taking the position of a Union  Organiser.

Afterwards I worked exclusively union until my life fell apart to such effect that I nearly committed suicide during the darkest six month period in my life, the Winter of 2013/2014.  Less than two years later, my life which I had gone through excruciating pain to save, soon began crumbing again to such effect that I thought I might drop dead from the stresses incurred.  At this point I asked for help from the Port Moody Police only to end up railroaded by the policing, medical and judicial systems right into a loss of nearly everything including my biological life.

The British Columbia Policing, Medical and Judicial Systems nearly killed me unjustly without a care several times over without any true genuine concern for their own (in)actions.