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About this Website

Personal Website

This is a Personal Website which is meant self-define with time.

The primary motivation since launching this website in August of 2016, has been to secure a public platform free from external deletion.  At the time, I had absolutely needed a platform to freely express myself in front of the world that was without external impairment.  I had the need to communicate my truth and I was determined to correct the systematic injustice that was destroying my ability to survive, let alone thrive.  This site exists for many reasons, but one of those reasons was to meet the personal requirement to leave words for all time in front of the world telling my side of my story in a situation where I was unlikely to ever recover.  It was a sensible means to stand with God, and to fight back.  It was a common sense solution to rampant unchecked bureaucracy and waste.  It provided for an efficient means to state my truth – as repeating myself endlessly, is not only draining, it drives me into insanity.  This was a viable means to help myself help provide for those who wished to help me in ascertaining, understanding and correcting injustices, fraud and corruption.

This website is and will continue to be a ‘Work In Progress’.  By no means is this website complete.  All information held within this website is not intended for reproduction, duplication nor distribution for any other party without express consent by the author.  You are more than welcome to freely link to any page.  Please note that all information held within may be updated and refined over time.  Generally I am not out to hurt anyone.  If there are statements that are troublesome for you I would suggest writing a well put together personal letter and sending it my way.