Wastes of Skin
    October 16th, 2021           

The courts are corrupt, the cops are losers, the doctors are frauds… and my siblings are criminals. Do not ever believe a word that they say. They plot, they scheme, they manipulate, they lie, they cheat, they bully, they steal. Uncaring stupid people in government positions have even assisted them since day one.

I could tell you what dad said about mom, he and I were much the same in that regard, but at the end of the day – it’s just uncaring virtue signalling biased government entities and exploitative siblings taking advantage of someone in a very vulnerable position after fighting for what was right in the overall given positions.

Even fraudulent doctors said I did the right thing. Unfortunately, they didn’t. Vampires are everywhere in life. I have been tortured and then some, only to be left tortured again. It is so far beyond ridiculous that it is beyond criminal. Really stupid people have completely made a mess of something that was so obviously simple to fix.


Lieutenant Governor,
Do you understand why you were addressed in this email?

I am in very weak health, and I am very ill with injustice, impoverishment and near logistical incapacitation. I could easily end up dead. I do not have personal energy to even write this email.

The BC SHERIFF SERVICE has an LEGAL obligation to SAVE LIFE…

Jim BERLADYN, Lisa PALMER, William FAULKNER, and really for the most part, all associates, they need to stay away from me and this property. Realistically, they should have been removed from my mother years ago until this properly resolved.

COERCING and ELDERLY CITIZEN to COMMIT FRAUD, PERJURY, and on and on. Nearly KILLING HER OWN SON. No offence, but what is wrong with all you people?

I am long past the point where I should just simply give everyone what they have actually asked for. Since this email, there have been multiple visits by an aggressing party who seeks to take my life.

I am made so ill that I cannot even function, and I lose days of momentum as everything I might have going on instantly falls apart. I subsequently take on ever more health damage that I cannot afford to lose.

Afterwards I have to go through the whole reset process again. That is if I still have the means to do so. I am made so ill that any drive to properly write any government entity that has proven over and over again to be a useless failure.. is lost.

In terms of women, there is one who stands out far above all the others. She has a such a clean state within my conscious that it is a real shame that for over six months I have not even had the base stability to write what I had in WILL to have her hear.

I believe that her Robe is highlighted with Red cloth.

When I am alone in my thoughts, I am left to continuously process the history of affairs. I am constantly left with the conclusion that it is unbelievable how STUPID everyone really is. I am no longer responsible for outcomes.

You are. The BC Sheriffs are.

My only obligation to myself now is to find peace and calculate the appropriate math. That is what EVERYONE has asked for. What they have sown into the World. Did they ask for Blueberries, or Huckleberries?

You get what you give. You reap what you sow. It’s math.

(In)Action Speaks Louder than Words

Everyone has partaken in TAKING MY LIFE and committing gross disgusting acts of torturous injustice against my person against my best intents to make lemonade out of lemons. Chicken soup out of chicken droppings.

My attempts to take water and make wine.

At this point, I have I have to stall out and ask myself: What did everyone really ask for in this situation that no one appears to want to resolve appropriately for the benefit of all? What did everyone ask for?

The final question: What is worth the TAKING OF MY LIFE?

I don’t want to explain anymore. I just want to make sure that I leave enough.


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