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    September 10th, 2021           

As a side note, I got one of these Red Hearts again today. I think the immediate response is natural. A person cannot help but feel heard, responded to, etc. Even it is a numbered account that could have literally anyone on the other end. It is just a feeling that you have to put in the effort to find all on your own. It has been a while since I had one these and it was welcome.

Onto the topic of this post, I should talk to someone it has been said multiple times. With that in mind, I asked one of the last people who said such to my person. I asked him, if I was to talk to someone who would I talk to? Thinking of Doctor Janel Casey’s question to me, I asked him who he thought I would be best to talk to: a counsellor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist…

“A Lawyer” he prompted said in reply. I need to talk to a lawyer is his opinion.

To appease the part of me who might subscribe to such a thing, I gathered whatever energy I could and wrote a quick email to yet another law firm. I have mixed opinions on the true feasibility of finding a lawyer to serve my needs. I even have mixed opinions on the legal pursuits. What exactly do I need a lawyer for? What is my angle? What is the target? What is the goal? Who does it involve?

There are many possible legal pursuits. For example, it was my first lawyers idea that I should sue the police for involving themselves in manners they should not have in regards to my family affairs. Naturally he told me that with no interest of pursuing that himself as he claims to solely be a defence lawyer. Upon talking to another lawyer, I am informed of what I already suspect. The first lawyer was sending me on a next to impossible legal goose chase.

Anyways, I am not sue happy. That’s not my style. Even with ICBC Accidents, I tend not to sue. Of course, I had pondered other things. Can I sue the State for the Obligation to “Fix” the “System” for every man woman and child? I do not know how to word that half cooked thought appropriately, but the point is can I sue the State for the Obligation for it to better the World for everyone? Something to that effect.

In any case, I decided to shoot off an email just to fulfill some inner desire to see some effort put towards lawyers. I didn’t know what angle to write from, or what story to share, but for simplicity I simply wrote: Ultimogeniture. I then wrote a low energy, low effort, email pertaining to such. It is the actual story here. It is the actual dynamic. It encapsulates much of the situation rather appropriately.

There is even existing law towards such within the ‘Kingdom’. These are not new problems to the World.

Subject:     RE: Ultimogeniture
Date:     Wed, 8 Sep 2021 12:14:14 -0700
From:     info@************.**
To:     dan@berladyn.online

Good afternoon Dan,

I appreciate the confidence you have expressed in our firm, however, the firm has decided not to represent you in this matter.  In declining to represent you on this matter, we are not expressing any opinion concerning the merits of your case. We encourage you to promptly seek advice of other counsel if you wish to pursue your claim(s) further. We are not charging you for review of your case, as we have declined to represent you and are not expressing an opinion as to the merits of your case.

Thank you,


Corporate Assistant

Anyways the response here was somewhat expected. I did however much appreciate the very gentle declination.

Like going to doctors, or going to police, or really going to anyone I am literally just up against a wall. Energy wise, capacity wise, my inability to personally tolerate what I see as a painful process in trying to communicate what is relevant and why such is relevant to someone who not grasp, nor appreciate, nor care about the whole story behind such is rather limited.

The last thing I want to do is empty out all my words towards such an endeavour only to end up leaving them on their floor to be walked on and forgotten about. For myself, it is about managing emotion, pride, dignity, mental health, that kind of thing.

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