Police Reform Act
    September 1st, 2021           

Thank you for providing your valuable input to the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act.  To learn more about the consultation and the work of the Committee, visit the Committee’s website.

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General (Optional)

What are your experiences with the police?

To my knowledge over 120 Police Files created within the last twelve years pertaining to my REQUESTS for ASSISTANCE with greedy siblings plotting and scheming to take my life and leave me for dead (unjust enrichment) by coercing and manipulating my elderly mother who my life has been forcibly entrusted to by mutual circumstance.

The result of requesting police assistance after just barely recovering from the hardest darkest six months of a bout of extreme near suicide only to just barely recover only to find myself under such intentional personalized attack that I nearly dropped dead on my 40th birthday was been my forced removal from my home without any heed to warning that doing so would KILL ME.

This only led into the complete destruction of everything I struggled save in near suicide. Which of such at such a time would have triggered imminent biological death. I now lost my finances, bank accounts, credit, legal standing, irreplaceable personal property, my cat is dead, everything I own and prided myself has either been stolen or damaged.

I have suffered the loss of health, friends, peers, associates, employers, union status, my dating life and ability to breed child in my personal quest for eternal life. I was forced into homelessness, multiple physical attacks and literally left for dead. Left as non-recoverable shell for low-drive government employees to use as fodder for their wasteful government programs as an excuse for their own existence.

A neighbour, among other people, have made such commentary that they are surprised that I am still alive. After being driven to multiple points of far past extreme and then held there, only to be pushed further and further and further into points where I should have just simply killed myself, I don’t why I am still biologically alive either. One of the reasons I am still alive is to fix this system. You should take me very seriously.

a. What has worked well during your experiences?
FREEDOM OF SPEECH / FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION Speaking out to the entire World before the eyes of God. Writing HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN; Defender of the Faith. Proverbs 5:21 For your ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all your paths.

b. What has not worked well during your experiences?
ECOMM: 911 Emergency Services. Federal and Provincial Policing. Office of Police Complaint Commissioner Provincial, RCMP and City Police “Victim Services” Fraserhealth, Coastal Health, Private Healthcare. The Provincial Courts of British Columbia. Lawyers, Prosecutors, Legal Aide and Criminal Duty Counsel. Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General BC Corrections, Bail and Probation Government funded Charities: The Salvation Army, Community Services, Rain City, Etc.

c. Are there any changes you would like to see to policing in BC? Please explain.
YES. Very simple changes that I ascertained would change the entire World and make life better for every single person in existence and yet to be born. Although it feels like a dead horse that I am flogging, through personal conviction I felt that I could see exactly what this ‘system’ needs without actually making any real changes to existing infrastructure or legal frameworks. Everything would work exactly as it does now.

The ‘system’ merely needs a set of reading glasses. It is so simple that I believe that if such a minor, very easy to implement addition was introduced and put into use, that everyone including: doctors, police, lawyers, judges, etc. would ask how they ever did without it. Further more, just as easy as it is to put in, it can be taken out. There are no changes to the actual mechanics of the system with this particular idea.

Necessity is the Mother of All Invention

This is very simple idea that I am almost embarrassed that I have not had the health, stability, finances, peace, etc. to build a simple working model of, but once again you should take me seriously as I have seen is needed came about by my own personal needs as I was literally MURDERED through the Policing/Medical/Judicial System of British Columbia.

This is an idea, a conviction, that I do not readily want to go through the trouble of freely giving to the wrong entities without expressing some fundamental key points. Often duplicated, never replicated. It is extremely simple and one I hope to have the means, or the Legislative Assembly here simple allot me the means…


Role of police in relation to complex social issues (Optional)

In your opinion, what role and responsibility, if any, should police have with respect to mental health and wellness, addictions, harm reduction, homelessness, and other complex social issues?

God is the Doctor. Canada was founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God. I believe that the solution to this question lies in the idea I was wanting to convey in the previous text box. The people needs the means to allow the police, the doctors, etc., to put on pair of glasses and read the truth for themselves.

Police Oversight (Optional)

How do you view police oversight, transparency and accountability?

TERRIBLE. Absolutely Dismal. However, having said that it could be worse. I was told several years ago that I would just be taken outback and shot in some countries for the way I respond to the injustice that I been served.

a. What is working well with regard to police oversight, transparency and accountability?
Nothing, as my situation has not been corrected. I have been severely abused and there is a very good chance that there is no actual tangible recovery for my person. Especially when I am now continually even losing the will to biologically live. However, that does fluctuate. A sudden upswing in personal opportunity with change that for the positive.

Furthermore, what I cannot say… what I have to admit “is working” is my ability to freely correct files online, in front of the World for all to see as time, health and personal stability permit. https://dan.berladyn.online/port-moody-police/412-file-index/

b. What is not working well with regard to police oversight, transparency and accountability?
Office of the Complaint Commissioner. I am not enthused at all in the outcome of my complaints. Nor the inherent drive for one government employee to cover for other government employees. Man is inherently corrupt. The more people involved in the truth of any situation, the more compounding corruption there is to be (in)voluntary introduced.

Really anything offering dark shadows has not been working.

c. Are there any opportunities to improve police oversight? Please explain.
YES.. Please finance me to find your answer.

Hire me. Contract Me. Pay me to fix myself and this system for every single person alive. I just honestly have what I see as a solution for every man, woman and child. The old expression: There are three sides to the truth. Yours, mind and the Truth. The way the system currently works is there is not checks and no other side to a story as the data is collected, this skews perspectives, action and results. It actually makes the entire police force a failure before they even try.

I wish I could explain in a manner that would serve everyone here, but again the old adage of build it and they will come. If I had only managed to so prior I could provide a working sample for you.

Policing and Systemic Racism (Optional)

How can systemic racism within policing be addressed? What changes and practices are needed?

Racial preferences have existed since the dawn of time. In fact a person could probably argue that through the processes of ‘Natural Selection’ that Nature, Biology, Life itself… is “racist”. Maybe what is required is a lesser focus on social perceptions of what is claimed as ‘man-made social constructs’ and a higher focus on truth and integrity in the collection and process of data. In the collection and the processing of the TRUTH in a given situation.

Police and Community Building (Optional)

How do you view the police’s ability to build community relationships?

Removing my own experiences and relying on the input of others… they cannot. People do not trust the police. People do not even like the police. It is a job that is probably not very personally rewarding. Especially in a system that absolutely fails in so many regards. An officer doesn’t really stand a chance of being liked in many ways.

a. What is working well with regard to relationships between police and the community?
Staying away from my person and my home.

b. What is not working well with regard to relationships between police and the community?
Forcing themselves upon my person and my home.

c. Are there any opportunities to improve relationships between police and the communities they serve? Please explain.
Sure. If the Provincial Legislative Assembly does not want to hire/contract my person, the police can hire/contract my person. This way I could feed myself and back write my own forensic history against the police files so that things could be seen from my eyes.

From this, everyone could study the policing system for what works, what doesn’t and what is needed for all parties involved. Through such, might I not only survive the damages incurred, perhaps I could find the drive to build a simple working model of what I believe is needed to better the world for all. From lemons, to lemonade. From water, to wine.

Policing and Indigenous Relations (Optional)

How do you view the police’s ability to build relationships with the Indigenous communities they serve?

I don’t know. I would have to find this NATIVE INDIAN again and ask him.

Perhaps the right question here is what are the ‘indigenous communities’ willing to do in terms of bettering their relations with police?

a. What is working well with regard to relationships between police and Indigenous communities?
Not Answered

b. What is not working well with regard to relationships between police and Indigenous communities?
Not Answered

c. How would you like to see policing change to reflect reconciliation?
Not Answered

Do you have experience, current or past, working in any of the following sectors? 

I do not have experience working in any of these sectors

Closing Question (Optional)

Do you have other information you would like to share?


The stability of guaranteed supply of required resources: food, coffee, cigarettes and whatever required existing files, along with the appropriate supplies (toner/paper/etc.) and the recovery of stolen assets would do wonders in resolving my personal issues, the feasibility of my own survival and an honest effort at bettering the policing system for all people’s everywhere.

It’s getting late in the day to be pushing this forth again, but writing out my own forensic history would be of great benefit. At least at one time I had strongly believed so.


What is your age?
35-54 years old

Which best describes your current gender identity?  Choose one of the following answers

Are you someone with trans experience (meaning your gender identity does not align with your sex assigned at birth)?

Do you consider yourself to be:
Heterosexual or straight

Do you identify as an Indigenous person, that is, First Nations, Métis or Inuit?
Prefer Not to Answer

Do you identify as:

What is your household income?
Prefer not to say

Would you be interested in meeting with the Committee to discuss your input?
Yes, I am interested in meeting with the Committee confidentially.

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