Technological Bullying
    August 23rd, 2021           


Many months ago I had a client who was picking me up from home because he knew I had no gas, no smokes, no money for food and I could not even truly spare the time to work while having to deal with court related affairs because I was literally bullied through there too. Bullied through the legal system by siblings, police, crown counsel, everyone – for what? Not accepting their fraud? I don’t have time for this post, but I feel that I have to make it.

This client didn’t think it was a concern to put money in my pocket and pay me the grossly underpaid contract, never mind that I couldn’t even eat, time didn’t matter to him. What mattered to him was getting me on dating sites so that I may play the field with women and roll the dice on getting ‘Lucky’. Pot smokers. I swear people who smoke Pot are stupid. Pot makes them stupid. In my opinion he was being stupid.

Anyways, like a fly to a light bulb I did that. I signed up and browsed. Often just looking at women can be healing. That’s why I used to go to the pub. To see the girls. If they chose to rub up on me, or wigglein front of my face, the natural healing power there was better than what any government approved doctor could offer. I joined the dating site and my already crippled time and energy dissipated nonsensically while goals I could not even met disappeared.

Then someone somewhere on that dated site messed me around. Was it the trans-gendered male that I was polite to and declining with no further response. Was he angry with me? Or was it the local girl I allowed to do her best to send countless messages trying to get under my skin? She thought she was really something trying to upset me with her words, but I could just see right through her allowing it to continue for entertainment.

Next there was another girl who I began to expecting to meet. I first seen her on this recommended site and we chatted on a different one that I have used for nearly twenty years. So typical of reckless, abusive, irresponsible female behaviour. She just disappears without a clue after getting my interest to peak. At the same time, or at some point, I was temporarily “banned” from some non-existent action that I supposedly did on the dating site.

What a tool of an enemy!

I am certain that my father and I drove down that Boulevard.

If some entity wanted to harm an identifiable group of society, white males for example, they could just run dating sites. They could psychologically mess them around while mining them for information. It is almost evil joining websites of any kind. The potential for others operate with an intent to harm is rather high. I don’t send and receive nude pictures but think of all those people who do. Think of all the things people intimately say. It is a data mine of potential targets. Black Mail, Extortion, Head-Gaming, etc.

Frustrated and Pissed Off with the idea of dating sites I closed my accounts as they were not good for me. Women messing me around, toying with me, abusively trying to intentionally psychologically harm me and I am the one getting banned. It’s just uncalled for. It’s just degrading. It’s just evil and insulting. Then of course, there was my online girl – friend, telling me just to get off dating sites. In her mind, why use them? Go for walks and meet people.

Anyways, I eventually re-opened my accounts. I don’t have a lot of time and energy at times. I have always found it good to just browse available women in the area. Depending on my own frame of mind, I get lots from it. I get lots of reminders as to why women are not even worth pursuing. I get lots of reminders of just how far modern woman has really fallen. How far society has fallen. How poisoned everyone really is.

The last few days I have been talking to several women it seems. It’s often the same story to some effect. They cannot keep a relationship. They cannot commit and they blame their former partner for their own failings. Why would I want them? They have already shown what they eventually would and will do to me. Use and discard. Single mother’s who thought nothing of leaving her child fatherless and breaking her vows, on the prowl.

The last female I talked to was married and her husband was at “fault”. She had a crush on someone else online. It is just the same old story over and over again. There was nothing wrong with my words that were exchanged in what should be a private intimate conversation with no other party reading, data-mining, or otherwise involving themselves. Yet an hour or two after she goes to bed, I am permanently banned for ‘hate’ speech.

No Badoo. You are a Disaster in the Making. The Cesspits of Hell.

The married woman had no problem with my words. She even said so. She disagreed. She was blown away with my opinion. She likely even was the trigger to my “banning” from the dating site and I should not even have let her waste my time. Why would I waste time counselling a married woman on a dating site? Of course, maybe she’s not even real and someone is just data-mining me, or messing me around for this reason or that one?

Either people who ban the speech of others, especially in private settings, they are absolute FAILURES. I have found that this a common trait of today’s females. Grant them a touch of power and they cannot help but abuse it. It mostly women I find who cut and block. Or even worse ‘report’ someone for words granting an excuse for bullies to dictate who can speak about what is important in life and who cannot.

Failures. People who do not stand up for the Natural Right to Speak are ABSOLUTE FAILURES. You do not have to like what someone says, but don’t shoot the messenger. Respect the Natural Right of everyone to speak. Otherwise society will just continue degrade while we all wonder how and why we live in a shit hole where no can break free and enjoy their lives. The insanity of people these days is astounding.

Not only that, but the anti-male bullying which almost feels politically engineered, the idea that males are not allowed to speak out (as per Facebook’s obvious policy), is a great way to subvert a nation and take it over. Make all the men feel black and blue with psychological bruises as you bully them around invisibly perfectly safe in your own hidden location behind a keyboard. The over-whelming majority of people are absolute failures it seems.

On the other hand, I have probably been browsing fake profile and reading fake messages from who knows who what who knows whatever ill intent. I am pretty certain I am been targeted over the last five or six years by people will ill intent. Just the timing of things. The personalized and questionable chain of events. Why after all these years would I getting hounded over my father just while I am getting murdered through court?

It would not surprise if my oldest brother, or my sister, somehow intentionally triggered and directed such to my person, as they know that would have added further injury to my person (while I lost my life). They could be that sick. They would be that sick. I know them. I know what they start convincing themselves when they start plotting mutual aims. People are disgusting and they convince themselves to do wrong all the time.

Anyways, people can easily be data-mined and abused in today’s world. What’s worse, is that so many do not know what is truly important. Like the Natural Right to Speak in Your Own Name for Example. Only BULLIES run around silencing others. Who are the bullies in my experiences? Women and Emasculated Males, that’s who. Smarten up people. Get it Right. Learn what Standing on Guard really means.

An Emasculated Male BLOCKING someone else from SPEAKING. Tsk Tsk.


Just in case anyone ever does read my words, including the woman I gave a link here to, sometimes my mind supplies the exact words to type and then I stall, stutter and foul them up by re-thinking them. I told a woman last night I thought her picture was sexy. She had sex appeal without overly-trying. I believe she appreciated that.

She originally wanted swap telephone numbers, but I just was feeling too run down and overtaxed. Adding more to that by being on a dating site was not really the best thing for me to be doing. Anyways, eventually I told her I’d love to jump “on” her body and go for swim. Not the most suave comment, but truthfully, I meant I’d love to dive into her body and go for a swim. She had a natural appeal about her to physically fall/collapse into.

When I was just a young boy, I loved women. I didn’t know how it all worked just yet exactly, but I believed that I could jump inside them and swim around. I wanted to swim through veins. I spent a great deal of thought thinking about such things. I was probably no older than three or four years old. Right in my prime of being a cute adorable kid that often ended up with attention. At least I remember key moments of such.

“Go for a swim”. There’s actually so much theological, and physical, truth to that. I just do not know to word it properly this morning. A person could spiritually swim through a woman and fill her with love and all kinds of things she naturally craves and vies for, or the physical swimmers could do their little bit. Well, not really little if you watch the video. That is quite the test of endurance if there ever was one. Natural Reproduction.

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