The Royal Columbian Hospital
    August 22nd, 2021            ,

‘Doctor’ Janel Casey, ‘Doctor’ Anson Koo,

You are going to love me. I wanted to let you know how collecting records that I should already have from your forced involuntary ‘medical incarceration’ had went. Forced ‘Medical Assistance’ that not only went against my ‘Medical Needs’, my ‘Declared Religious Convictions’, my ‘Constitutional Rights’, and so far have done nothing beneficial but waste my time and extremely limited resources. A tremendous amount of additional stress and bleeding of resources that I do not have to waste. Not to mention, if I write this properly, the risk to my life which will be apparent if I can manage to write this properly while feeling so unbalanced with unnecessary compounding burdens. So fast things can happen. Disastrous things. Incidentally, while I am on the topic, out of those many pharmaceutical drugs I was forced to take, was there anything in there even remotely addictive? I am questioning as to whether any of those pills have created a biological problem of withdrawal / dependency. I am not currently of the belief that my rest would be this out of sync if I was not involuntary incarcerated and burdened with additional problems.

Before I continue, would you be so kind to let ‘Doctor’ Anthony Oshun know that I have felt bad for words left towards his person. I do not want to give him any personal issues. I do not want him have ‘mental health’ issues with the world in which he lives in. I do not feel bad at all for putting it to text and sending it to you. I do not feel bad about sharing it with the World. I do not feel bad about having that thought while wanting to write him a letter personally recalling past instances that have nearly cost me my biological life. I personally could not even care what anyone else thinks about that comment. I do care about ‘Doctor’ Anthony Oshun’s overall well-being. I do care that I wish I was able to write everything not only better, but sequentially. In sequence of events as such is very important. I do care that discovering that my Audio Recordings from just prior to that Royal Columbian Hospital visit somehow disappeared, and the discovery of such, ruined my active logging of my health interaction regarding that visit. There were things I wanted to write. Like being asked about my HEART and a more complete ANSWER to such. As one misstep leads to another, perhaps now that will never be logged appropriately or read in a manner that may beneficial to my health by anyone who truly wants to assist me.

Moving on here, there a million relevant things I could write. The most primary one was one of the things rolling through my mind on the trip to the Hospital to collect those records that day. My mother’s car suddenly has a tremendous amount of damage. That bothered me. I was concerned that perhaps she was scattered with various stresses herself and that perhaps she hit something with her car. This led to many thoughts, like how I felt my Auntie XXXX lost her life. I can only assume details from what I know, but a ‘doctor’ decided nope. No more driving for you. She immediately went down hill and it was over: DECEASED. From a distance, I thought yup. You cut her legs off. She lost her independence. The result was an immediate decline in her over all health. She was a very nice lady. One that I respect tremendously. Not only that, but she was a lot of fun. She had such character to her. Now I am having flashbacks of her words. Upon my father’s funeral, she had to walk further because of my oldest brother’s parking. “Only the important people park up front and centre” or something sarcastically to that effect. I don’t want to nail my brother for that in this condensed writing, but he doesn’t realise somethings about his own conduct at times. Her Son said my Oldest Brother made him feel like crap at His Dad’s funeral…

It’s too much to write here, but that is my oldest brother and his pretentious ways.

Anyways, I had a lot rolling through my mind. I left a note for my mother on her car. I didn’t know what happened to her car and I could only assume; fearing the worst, feeling concern for my mother. I know that if she hit something and she for what ever reason drove around with such damage that it would cripple her pride. It’s not good for my mother to be in such a car. She’s like me, or really anyone, you want to feel good about yourself. Unsightly damage is not a pleasant thing. Upon my test, the car could just be cleaned and the majority of the damage will not readily show. I left her a note stating such. When she left the house I heard some commotion in the garage. What I can assume was haste. Frustration. Something rather. I later found the note with written replies. The damage was not from her. It was a hit and run. Of course. My mother would never do wrong. She is perfect. She has always been perfect. She is never at fault. She is infallible. Immaculate. That is my mother. I should know. I was told such very often throughout my childhood. Of course, I had other thoughts. Like how my oldest brother was Charged with a Hit and Run that magically disappeared off the Court Listings. Thoughts, like my sister and insurance ‘advice’. Thoughts like how they guide my mother into… whatever. Just thoughts.

Additionally in my mother’s reply were the words don’t bother cutting that piece of wood (that should have been done many years ago). “It’s done” she wrote. That left me wondering what exactly does she mean by that? Has someone else cut the wood that I am more than certain she brought to my attention to cut and replace while I had my saws and tools out (but no proper wood)? My mother and I communicate very often without words. We communicate through action. My ability perform action is severely impaired. Normally, she observes that I need something and she does it. I observe that she needs something and I do it. Just on this piece of wood alone, that was left for what I assume was my attention, I could write a book. Is someone else was cutting my grass so to speak? Which is a long topic because I have put my heart and my soul into this house in manners that most people will not comprehend. It is like someone messing with my soul when they touch this property. It is truly Religious to my person. That aside, I was left wondering, what does my mother mean by those words: “It’s done”. Was she frustrated because of the issues while taking her grand daughter to my sister’s? I have NO PROBLEM with my Nephew and Niece. However, they are not to be used as pawns by a scorn rebellious female.

“It’s done”. Is the house gone and with it, my biological life terminated?

Those do not sound like words of my mother. In fact, they sound like the words of my sister. “It’s done!” / “It’s over!” Which is something that she had said to me in spite many years ago. “It over!”. Meaning that my sister was unhappy and she was declaring a termination in the relationship between myself and my mother. She’s the boss. What she says goes. She controls this house. She controls my mother. She dictates. After all, in her own words: “my mother is dumb, and I better not get in my sister’s way, or else!”. “She’s Easy” (to manipulate). “I am warnign you!”. Yeah, mom is easy for everyone else to manipulate but myself. It has always been that way. All of my life. They played mom like a fiddle, cheating me at every turn. Siblings. I could write for days on end. When I first came home in 2018, it was almost like former years. Perfect mesh. It was really good. It was what I needed. The two of us functioning in mutual need. What my mother didn’t want, and what I certainly didn’t need, was my siblings finding out. This house was functioning properly, except for the fact that I was so damaged and so impoverished that I was nearly crippled, which led to further ongoing damages in relations.

In time, it was learned that I was here and out of now where… the wedge slowly started creeping in. I can only assume, well I know, that that was brother Jim and sister Lisa attempting once more to insert themselves between us: Sibling-cide. I was in terrible health and I actually needed my mother. I need the sanctuary of my home. I needed everyone away from this house. I needed to be away from the bureaucracy. I needed to healing as fast as possible. I needed to be getting onto my feet financially. I needed to be working without any hiccups. Without any extra additional stressors. I needed to be secure at home so that when I left the property people where not going behind my back and devaluing my person for their gains. Then there’s my sister’s boyfriend literally sucking my mother’s tits and cutting me off while I am in extremely poor health, cutting me off from my own mother while he takes advantage of this house kept at my life’s expense. It’s just disgusting in manners that you cannot even imagine unless you are the one in those shoes living it. You are so weak. You are so damaged. I collapsed, smashing my head, blood gushing out as I am looking across the floor what happened? And here are these vultures trying to weasel themselves in at my expense. Absolutely disgusting.

I am trying not to write about too much here. However my mother and I are continually driven apart by people with ill intent. My sister Lisa PALMER, my eldest brother Jim BERLADYN, even whatever guy my sister latches onto in replacement of her now deceased husband who in my opinion was also abused. Even the police and crown counsellors contribute their godless share, absolute evil. Disgusting people messing with someone else’s most important relationship and sacred places for what is nothing more than extortion, murder and just.. gross inconcievable conduct. Without going into too much, each of those entities has seeked their own enrichment in these affairs. Their own percieved revenge, justification, profit, etc. Conduct to me that is so disgusting that is really beyond words especially for this email. Anyways, to get to my point… I am not being treated the way my now deceased brother in law was treated in regards to this locked door. My mother and I have not spoken since February during that COERCION, FRAUD, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY by MULTIPLE PARTIES. My mother is abused into abusing me. I can garauntee without siblings there is no way that door would be locked right now. Anyways, this is something that I keep off my mind until a future date when my plate is clear, otherwise: [unspoken].

My mother and I have not spoken because other people have driven their desire to distance us trying to incapacitate, damage and dispose of my person for unjust enrichment. It is no longer even just simply siblings. Now it is the police, crown counsellors, etc. All these CRIMINALS with their own intents / purposes. It’s really disgusting. Profiting off the destruction of other people’s homes, families and lives. Just absolutely dispicable conduct. My mother and I have not spoken because I am not being treated like my deceased brother in law. I am not going to be degraded in this home. Religious Property. My mother will not even know that if I want to talk to her. I can prove this from audio recordings. She is coerced, manipulated and spoonfed the intent of others as they mislead her through life for their purposes. I have even been concerned that Fraserhealth and a bunch of useless ssocial workers have been involved, adding their own ridiculous damaging bullshit. Everyone has their own agendas it seems. Their own stupidity to ad to the mix. It is insane how somethings take place in this society. People justifying their incomes and issues by preying upon others in their effort to ensure their own status quo continues.

So this is a lot that is not even directly tied to retrieving records from The Royal Columbian Hospital. However, it is a mere fraction of what was turning on my mind to go get those records.


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