August 21st, 2021           

I have so much I would love to put to writing, but I am burned right out with problems. As I leave here I note a certain someone. That just triggers more and more thoughts. Like Jimmy Berladyn 25 years ago attempting to chastise me: “You don’t go to him for help!” speaking down to me like I am idiot. I have looked for help all of my life, and I have only found people who were willingly and astoundingly blind towards my fate.

Anyways it was LAST_CHANCE walking part way down the street towards the house here only to stop when seeing me talk to another neighbour. Then I noted he turned around and went back home. Shortly later, there is my mother coming home. This right after I empty the over-flowing mailbox and per her stuff in the garage. I don’t even care anymore. This is ridiculous.

It is just fucking ridiculous. These CRIMINALS ABUSING my MOTHER, my HOME and my PERSON. All these outsiders come into this home and demand changes. Demanding that I be ABUSED, IMPOVERISHED and IMPEDED from already historically established household living standards / relations. People should be Charged. People throughout the entire government, not just my loser siblings and their mother-fucker associates.

I was just having the recall that the Port Moody Police through what I can only ascertain was in affiliation with an RCMP Member who wanted to know what I thought about people being “gay”… I always run that question through my mind. Why would he ask that? Was he trying to determine if I was a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE, an identity pre-forecast to be TARGETED as DOMESTIC TERRORISTS in DEFENCE of their NATION?

Anyways, my point here is… that I was having recollection that I emailed that RCMP Officer asking for Assistance. I finally broke down to the point where I would ask: “Please Help Me”. This only resulted in my computer going on the fritz and all of my emails to the RCMP and the PMPD disappearing off of not only my computer, but from Google Servers as well.

I had obviously been TARGETED as someone to dispose of, along with the RECORDS of such. My emails to Victim Services, which are to be kept and read by a Judge, were all DELETED. That is how corrupt this System and who ever is responsible really is.

From the commentary of over an confident gay pinko fascist police officer, I can only assume that they were a Guilty Party in such. RAILROAD him and destroy the Evidence. That way we solve our own problem, he ends up dead, we go back to doing nothing while collecting our government checks handed out by the Public Purse to bully WHITE MALES into their DEATHS as we take SELFIE’s about how ‘great’ we are.

Once again, I don’t want to slander the cops, but fuck you guys. You tried to kill me. Pink Collar Crime.

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