Sgt. Travis CARROLL
    August 18th, 2021           

Subject: PMPD Sgt. CARROLL
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2021 13:54:39 -0700
From: Dan Berladyn dberladyn@gmail.com
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Since February, I haven’t really said too much about the Port Moody Police. There’s a few reasons for that. One of them being the fact that I met so many of you face to face that I could not help but see that you are just people. I could see lots of things actually, but for the most part I could see that you are just people doing a job that I myself would not want.

The other reason that I haven’t said too much is partly due to “Stockholm Syndrome”. The Port Moody Police have completely Violated and Abused my Person, my Home, and even my Relationship with my very own Mother. Whether any of you realise it or not, the conduct of the Port Moody Police regarding this very situation has been beyond exceptionally poor. It has been beyond dismal.

It has been completely immoral, careless, self-serving and absolutely despicable. I can ping back and forth through different views, different mentalities, different levels of thinking to ascertain why that is. Why that was. Stepping aside from any reasons I might attribute to what I see are dismal failures in the policing, medical and judicial systems, I understand that everyone is human. Everyone is flawed. Every signal one of us.

Does that mean that everyone simply gets a pass for poor, or even outright criminal behaviour? No, not at all. It would probably be impossible to accurately write out my entire life and the mountains that kept painfully presenting themselves in front of my person, but if I could do such a thing the majority of you people would probably have a much greater understanding of who I am and what drives/cripples me.

On the other hand, I feel many of you already know and that is what makes things even worse. That being that you actually know what you are doing and how absolutely disgusting that you are for doing it. The Police Chief stated that I was a well known “MALE” to the police department. If I was truly well known, then you are all truly Guilty of Attempted Murder, and then the attempted cover up thereof.

You had asked me in February to let you know if I had had an idea on how to resolve all of this so that it ends appropriately. One thing that has been very clear to me is that the Judicial System, the Policing System and the Medical System doesn’t really care too much for the pursuit of such a thing. Rather, the policing, medical and judicial systems appear to be driven by various external motives that are not conducive to solving the problem.

Those motives of course drive everything right off proper course. The results appear to do anything other than actually resolve an issue at hand. In fact, I could even come to believe that the “System(s)” mentioned are operating in such a way that they intentionally do not resolve issues, but rather create ever more issues for ever more people to never solve at the expense of the public purse and some poor innocent victims life.

Regardless of what everything is, or is not, I have chosen to write you as doing so in this very moment is easier than my intended target which seems to be a common trait. Rather than continually stalling via a writer’s block or some other problem in regards to writing an intended entity, it’s often easier for my person to turn a few degrees and write elsewhere. You have been on my agenda. In fact every Officer has.

I have been stopping myself from ‘bitching’ about the Port Moody Police for sometime now. If I had the recordings on hand of my last interaction with the RCMP you would hear me trash talk your department and then stop, stating that I do not want to do that. The fact that I do is earned. The Port Moody Police have earned such a thing from my person. You are getting what you have given. Likely only a fraction thereof, because in reality…

In reality I was not wrong to ask the Crown to Charge the Port Moody Police with Attempted Murder / Gross Negligence of my Affairs. This would come out in a longer, more accurate, more detailed writing which I only wish I could do for everyone’s benefit: Atonement. Everyone has to atone for their own sins. They all must hold themselves accountable before the eyes of God. That is the only true way to resolve any of this.

In my eyes, the only true way to resolve any of this is to forensically write the history properly. Expose your flawed police reports, the flawed medical reports, the flawed misrepresenting twists and turns by ‘criminal’ prosecutors looking for an easy kill so that they may climb some perpetual ladder in what is nothing more than an Extortion Racket. An honest account of events through a victim’s eyes. Believe me, I am the victim here.

I have been severely victimized multiple times, right into near death.

The other victim is my mother. Well, truthfully both of my parents. Victims. My poor father. Gone at 59. He suffered tremendously for everyone. It is absolutely shameful what he has been given in return. I love my father. My mother is the other victim. She is a victim for many reasons. One of them being that she has nearly lost her supporting Son. This house should be paid for and in top shape, yet other’s wanted to stop me from doing just that.

If I was given what I needed as a ‘MALE’ each time I had went for help none of this disaster would have ever have taken place. Instead, like dogs that doo doo on the carpet, people should have been corrected a long time ago and respect could be granted all around. Instead I have been pushed through things that I would wish upon no other person. You are all inept and incapable, if not outright corrupt.

This, after I already went through extreme traumas that I would not wish upon no other person.

It is a real shame that I never kept a journal, a diary, a detailed auto-biography. It’s not that I am anyone special on the surface, it’s just that underneath what people love to look down on and ridicule is a person who has been knocked down over and over and over, only to have to get up over and over and over. That’s true for many people. Sure. However, I know for a fact that many people have not faced each mountain like I have.

I admit, I fall short in many ways. However what is invisible has been the repeated climb as well as the holding of oneself to account in that climb. The personal honesty with myself. The not cheating. The not faltering. The personal self-correcting attributes that were well instilled in my young adulthood. Most people do not have the reinforcements that I was given. That I had to learn and earn at a younger age.

The damage that has now been done to my personal record, discipline, drive, private pride, esteem, dignity… to my life… in talking to many of you in February, I really do not think many of you have the remotest clue of what you all did to someone innocent who was asking for your help to save his life from people who were trying to kill him. What you put someone through in your careless assumptions, while actual crime was ignored is unbelievable.

The uncalled for damage that you have caused to a Life-Long Resident of Port Moody. One who was honest and was proud to earn his living in an honest fashion with his very own hands is despicable. I am sure that many of you are better than me at many things. However, I am also sure that the overwhelming majority of you never worked like I did. I mean no offence, but it just shows in the personal character. You cannot hide it. No one can.

I probably shouldn’t write any of that, but it’s all true. I used to be told I was crazy for how hard I had worked. Personalities aside, I was well liked for my almost guaranteed quality of service and personal track record on a job. I almost always went over and above ‘the call of duty’ at work. I started out with probably the hardest person I could have ever started with, at the very bottom of the ladder, and made it to be among the very best. The highest paid, and the best looked after in town.

My whole life is like that. Always against the odds. That is until I met the government services of policing, medicare, and the judicial system after decades of being abused. Not to mention social workers and their bureaucratic non-sensical bullshit, or whatever else have you. To cut to the chase here I called you a “Pat Byrne Pretty Boy”. Pat Byrne is the guy in the centre of the picture. I used to have tremendous respect for Pat. I worked with him at the Union Hall for exactly two years to the day (I quit, in spite what is written).

I had tremendous respect for Pat. He was just that likeable guy. He meant well. He spoke well. He laughed well. He was (is?) just an all around good guy. That is until he became Business Manager. By that time I was back on the tools with blinders over the eyes saying good things about the Trade Union. Of course, the long term Union Members I worked with all had a different take. One that may or may not have been warranted.

To make long story short, due to the slow down in construction from the 2010 Winter Olympics and Vancouver’s halt on Building Permits, us Union Members finally felt the pinch that the rest of the Non-Union Trades did years earlier. The Union Representatives had the idea that us Members should all pay into a fund to help our Contractors buy our work. Naturally all the guys on the tools were against this and they didn’t trust the Union Leadership.

I encouraged everyone that I worked to show up to the meeting for the vote. I was stuck, I always defended the Union. I always promoted the Union. I always wore blinders and made excuses for this thing, or that thing that might not be exactly right in the Union. I engaged Pat Byrne in front of everyone. Pat with his $300 looking haircut (the position pays well) assured me that if we voted YES, then we would vote again in several months (September).

I used my influence and the trust of my co-workers to encourage people to vote YES. This resulted in us paying $400 or so per paycheque into a special fund. A massive hit. When September came around, there was no extra meeting on the issue. There was no second vote. The Union “Leadership” got what it wanted. What was even worse was that Pat Byrne completely denied stating what he had personally stated to me. He completely denied ever giving his word to me in front of everyone.

Pat was reduced to an absolute piece of shit in my eyes at that very moment. I know the dynamics of that office and how he was influenced to conduct affairs the way he did. I got that part. I understood that part. However, the breaking of one’s word went against every principle that I was trained for. I was so trained by twenty-one years old that if I gave you my word, you knew without a doubt it that it was bankable. My word was my bond. I would keep it at great personal expense.

I would literally do anything to keep my word. It wasn’t anything to do with anyone else, but myself. It was simply between God and I. That was one of the golden rules of life. Keep your word. You are absolutely nothing in an environment with no rules, no rights, no guarantees if your word is meaningless. A lot of people have hated me throughout my life, but I think the real issue with that is that they were never trained the way I was. They were never disciplined, they never earned the fortitude, the inner tools that promote strength and perseverance.

I am probably not wording much of that right, but for the most part I have explained what I wanted to. I wanted to explain what I had stated on my web-page. Being older now, being worn out, being worn down, nearly dying multiple times and having my life completely decimated at nearly every angle, I am no longer the way I was. It’s a long story that perhaps no one wants to read, but I’ve watched myself go down. I have noted all the triggers that caused such to happen in spite of my best efforts to avoid such.

Undisciplined, untaught, unproductive people… cause so much damage that they themselves will never even know of. Working an honest living with my hands taught me much about life. In my trade, and my perspective, it is not like ‘office’ work where one can lie, cheat, steal and make excuses for this (in)action and that (in)action. There are simply no excuses. The bricks were either carted from this end of the property to that end of the property, or they were not. No Excuses. Excuses are for LOSERS I was taught.

Sgt. CARROLL, you had asked me to share with you any ideas that I had had to bring this issue to a positive close. To a positive outcome. I don’t want to pour salt into anyone’s wounds. I do not wanting to hurt your pride, but every single time I have requested assistance I have been citing exactly what is required. This even resulted in Officers literally laughing at me at times. Initial contact, September 2015. PMPD Officers laughing at my needs.. There is ONLY ONE WAY to fix a situation like this properly, and that is through the Truth of Matters.

I can recap requests for assistance and all the errors from day one with the Port Moody Police. In short, your Members have simply disregarded everything they were told in some delusional belief that they knew better for my life, my home and my family than I myself. Someone Charged with Protecting such. In reality, the PMPD Officers simply failed to Acknowledge the needs of their fellow Man. They then went about their ideas regarding a situation that they really knew nothing of, that they really had no concern for, and that they really had no vested interest in properly resolving.

If I recall correctly, you yourself signed off on Cst. Jennifer OHASHI taking it upon herself to deny my person my rightful home after I nearly dropped dead and was barely holding my life together as my mother came to me pleading for me to fix the situation and that she did not want what was to happen in February of 2016. This after I had just recovered from nearly killing myself. Cst. OHASHI openly claimed that the police didn’t believe that I should live in my home any longer. Brilliant. Just that alone. Just that one instance alone… Certain Death.

The Port Moody Police deciding who should live in my home that my father promised my mother where I was created and then forced by circumstance to uphold at risk of my very life. My home, that no one else wanted anything else to do with except for my mother (and father). Two family members living here peacefully in a single family residence in a mutual codependent endeavour to keep the home while under attack from outsiders who were driven by disgusting greed. Was this really hard equation to compute?

You fucking people have absolutely no idea how sick and disgusting that you really have been. Just atrocious. It is just beyond belief to me at times how absolutely blind and stupid you all can be. It is just beyond ridiculous. Do you all come from broken homes or something? Do not any of you have families of your own? Are there any of you from actual sound marriages where the husband and wife serve each other? Do any of you even know what it is like to be partnered with someone against the odds over goals that are bigger than yourselves?

Honestly, it is like many of you are spoiled, reckless, clueless teenagers with guns and badges. I told the RCMP that. The Member laughed before straightening himself out. You just act without any brains nor maturity. Without any insight. Without any common sense. Without proper care and attention. Then you make excuses. I have seen more discipline, more integrity, more honesty from people in the construction trades (an industry where people are routinely put down unjustly) than I have from the Police regarding these affairs.

I wanted to go a bit more in depth towards your personal conduct, but the intent of writing you here has been to resolve loose words written to my website recently. This rather than the continuance of stoking a fire and drivint you to hate me. My friends tell me that you all must hate me. If that is the case, maybe you all need to see it from the other direction. Maybe you need to see it from my shoes. Your conduct that is. Of course, the common public perception I often told is that the police are really just an evil bullying club that no one truly likes, nor trusts.

First things first. You want to know how to resolve this situation for a positive outcome. Well, I think the first step is an obvious one. Respect the Man of the House. No matter what anyone thinks of me, I am the Man of this House. If I wasn’t, all of you ‘bitches’ wouldn’t have been attacking me. If I wasn’t, my mother wouldn’t be here. I am the swallow who swallowed the fate of going down with her if that was the outcome. She would have lost this house decades ago if not for me, just as my oldest brother would LAUGH was going to happen.

Laughing at his own mother and her perceived ill-fate. That’s pretty sick. Of course, that is the kind of person it takes to try to kill and dispose his own baby brother for his own emotional and monetary enrichment. His drivers are simple. I have bettered him, and he cannot stand that. He has a twisted sense in life that he is better than everyone else. Sure, his house is paid for from what I understand, but how did he do that? It certainly was not from an internal drive to defend his home and his mother at all costs. That’s not Jimmy.

Secondly, I will try to write this better elsewhere.. but you keep the people the who have tried to TAKE MY LIFE and KILL ME away from My Person, My Home and realistically even My Mother. The last one, I cannot really bring myself to ask for, but it is the Truth. They manipulate, coerce, threaten and control her right into her own demise for their own self-interests. That has always been the case. It will never change. My siblings are absolute idiots. They chose to leave by their own will. They chose to abandon.

There is actual crime committed here. Financial Crime. Attempting to control the finances and investment of other people for Unjust Enrichment. The Coercion of an Elderly Citizen to Commit Fraud and KILL HER OWN SON who was left with no choice but to Trust His Mother. Perjury to Police Officers. Threats. Intent to Harm. All kinds of things. Even Medical Malpractice. Outright FRAUD by government endorsed “Doctors”. The list is very long. I have no reason to lie and every reason to be Truthful as possible.

My Mother and My Person are the real Victims here. The Victims of greedy senseless Siblings, and the Victims of a Corrupt, Incompetent, Anti-Male Policing, Medical, Judicial System. A System that is really nothing more than an Extortion Racket for Profiteers Operating at the Expense of the Public Purse. Your Police Chief can dismiss my opinions as not worthwhile, but I will tell you something. I could easily fix this System for every single person alive in existence here now and yet to be born. It is so simple. The System lacks Integrity.

I know that I could Fix this System. I might not “Fix” it in the sense that everyone’s problems would magically be solved, but for those who actually want to solve problems in this World and for those who actually want to Serve to make it a Better Place, I know exactly what this System needs. It needs everything that I myself had needed to SAVE MY VERY LIFE from useless Bureaucratic Corruption. It is such a simple concept, the idea that I have. I feel that once it was embraced – everyone would wonder how they ever did without it.

That is, if it was ever embraced by people who likely do not want to fix this system in the first place. Some people likely like things ‘comfortably broken’. Meaning that they enjoy an ability to abuse power with no immediate accountability. But that’s the funny thing about life. We are all accountable. You cannot escape the Truth. Beating around the bush trying to avoid such usually only leads to worsening outcomes individually and collectively. Your life is between you and the Truth, and that’s it. You get ONE SHOT at it. Make it count.

I felt the need to explain my “Pat Byrne” comment. Now you have an Explanation.

Dan Berladyn

I delayed sending this email to attempt to proof read it. I still sent it with typos. I never seem to fail in that regard.


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