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  Section 28 – Mental Health Act
    July 31st, 2021           

No offence, but this was not the right thing for me. I should just blame myself, I could have gone home and have been made to feel incredibly ill while I try to write what I need to say in an email to relevant entities, or I could have phoned for an RCMP Member and try to make a simple request. I chose the latter, same result as last time.

Any attempts to fix this problem just leads to more uselessness. In the end, outsiders have severely abused my person, my home even, and my mother… I am not convinced that this is complicated. Would it really be that hard for uniformed personnel to approach certain people and state: “We believe you have abused your brother to points of death, and we think it might be a good idea if you stay away from him, and his home”?

The next time I dial 911, I am going to make it a point of looking after my needs and not damaging my health to cater to their’s. You are there Serve me and my needs, not the other way around. I should have just hung up the phone for my own health: “No Sir, stay on the line until blah blah”. All that did was add discomfort and stress to a person and a situation that does not need anymore of either. That’s my fault, next time ‘click’. Obviously I am annoyed at myself for not just doing that last night.

I liked the Officer, however at 2.5 years in as a Member, he was not what I was hoping for. He was likeable. I like him. I see GOOD in him. I see CAPABILITY. However, I think he believes too much in the “System” and he doesn’t know enough God. He was not the Member I was hoping to get. He wasn’t a disaster either, I like(d) him I just do not think he, or 90% of the Members are actually what or who I am seeking. I am seeking a MAN who is going to do the Right thing. Someone to ease the immediate burden.

Someone who will instill the peace for my severely damaged health.

This System, Fraserhealth and Section 28 under the Mental Health Act, was not was not what I needed. That was just more damage. It is always more damage. I wish I had the time in the World to explain each minor issue, and the large damaging results effects of such. It’s almost like everyone just wants to be clueless and unaccountable for the waves of damage that they cause. I almost wish I was dumb, because then I would never see the ripple effects and it would not bother me. I was asked a long time ago: “Who has it better.. smart people, or dumb people?”.

Dumb people might have it a lot better. They are completely unaware. Therefor they get to be ‘happy’. Which just leads to the stupidity of the whole ‘Mental Health’ System. ‘Mental Illness’ goes hand in hand with Intelligence. Oh look at that, you have problems with your environment and you are smart enough to know that those problems will cause you great pain, and even death. You must have a ‘Mental Illness’. Let us Force Treat you with what you do not not need. Like a dying flower, instead of fixing the soil, the system starts trying to force medicate and force counsel the flower.


Of course, how I can deny the nut jobs wailing and moaning in there? But I should not judge. Maybe they are the sane ones and it is everyone else who is completely oblivious their ailment? I don’t know. At least they were quick to get me out of there today. Not the usual prolonged discharge. It was quick. Thank you for that.

In closing, the Officers last words to me whether he realises it or not, is to just DIE. Just DIE. He did what so many people who really do not care to invest themselves in understanding do. “Why you don’t you just move out” was his tone as he dismissed my person after reading files and a brief conversation with medical staff. What he really said to me is that he doesn’t care and that I should just DIE. In turn, he should spend his twenty-five years “SERVING” as an RCMP Member, then simply be booted to the curb, left homeless, financially destroyed and die in the streets with the junkies. That’s what has been expected of me.

Whether he realises it or not, that is what he told me I should do. Just go DIE.

Coming back from the “Hospital” (that was NOT assisting my health as they claimed they were), I almost swore I saw my oldest brother driving out of Glenayre laughing his ass off upon sight of my easily recognizable vehicle passing him in the other direction. I am not sure it if was his Toyota Tundra or not, but it I had thought so when I had seen him. Of course, pulling up to the house there is mom pulling out. My thoughts were great, she’s going to go be with people who will coerce and polarize her damaging this situation even further which is what always happens.

My oldest brother counts on that. He believed that everyone gets involved. Everyone fucks everything up and you lose. You never recover. It’s all over for you but the crying. Somehow seeing that happen to me empowers that piece of shit. He is piece of shit. Even the very first judge knew he was a piece of shit. “When did you move out of that house Jim Berladyn”? He knew right there at that question. Hence the judges excuse that he had to rule unjustly against my person and create the false premise that I was a threat, in order to “protect me from them”.

They just killed me right there. That was the worst thing Port Moody ever did. Even the first lawyer said to sue them. They had no business involving themselves in the manner they did with my family. That was my lawyers take. Of course, he was just playing his part. He got his out of it too. He himself would not help me to do what he himself suggested. Which was and is completely beyond my means. I am a complete train wreck from all of that recklessness. It would take me over a decade to just recover into a stable capacity and be near the point where I was beforehand.

This whole system; just about everyone is backwards. Forced Hospital Incarcerations that claim to help while damaging my health. They just do not listen. I wasn’t incarcerated last night for my well being, but for everyone else’s. It is just so upside down. Everything is. Then you are forcing me drugged to verbally speak about an extremely simple, yet so quickly complicated situation. I do not fair well in verbal transactions. Furthermore, it damages my health to have things pulled out of me all in the wrong order so that I may “SERVE” the needs of others who choose not to assist.

That is the second time that The Royal Columbian Hospital had refused to enter GOD as my doctor in their System. I could literally write books on just merely five minutes of these types of interactions. God is my Doctor. Why will they not enter that into their ‘Systems’? Is it because they are godless Communists and they do not even know it? At least I have the dignity of knowing that someone learned this night. I am thankful for that. Thank you for learning the following:

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Whereas Canada was founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God…

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