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Stand on Guard for Thee

  April 20th, 2021 

From: [ Some_Lawyer ]
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 9:15
Subject: Re: Policing, Medical & Judicial System Corruption
To: Dan Berladyn <dan@berladyn.online>

I have no idea who you are sir. Please do not email me.

This was a lawyer that I had dropped into visit after my first lawyer told me to sue the Port Moody Police as we walked out of the Courtroom after the First Hearing. In his view they had no right to interject themselves into my family affairs as they did. This lawyer writing back now, he had explained that you cannot sue the police. He’s tried.

In his experience, a client such as myself will spend $400 per hour on lawyers and the police will spend $400 per hour on lawyers. As things are intentionally dragged out, the civilian paying out of his own pocket will run out of money long before the police defending themselves at the expense of the public purse will.

Given what had had happened in Court, I didn’t believe I’d have much luck suing the Government in it’s own Courts either. Not much chance to do that anyways, not under the conditions I was suffering. And as I have pointed out elsewhere in recent letters: God is the Judge. The Final Arbitrator.

On 2021-04-20 4:30 p.m., Klein, Scott wrote:

Hi Dan, I’m not sure why you have included me with this matter ? All your info you requested was from Port Moody PD. If it was just to notify me then ok, if not it would probably be easier to keep out of anything to do with Port Moody. Thanks.

I sure have a developed a bad habit of taking everything with a negative tinge. This email above reads far better than what I had first thought I had read and replied to. I share this here for the fluidity of something in truth. Perhaps the earlier prior response by a lawyer expressing no interest in these matters had something to do with it.

You need a lawyer I am often told. No I don’t. I need a System that works. A lawyer is just another link in the chain to fail me. Everything has to be explained to one beforehand anyways, so nothing really changes. All things remain the same for the stages I am impaired in. Impaired to absolutely dangerous levels at times. Absolutely dangerous to my longer term Health and Well-Being.

I also need to slow down, take my time, shelf things, read at different intervals, but there’s too much backlog. That’s instantly what I had felt when the email came in. That there was no time to address this in full. Which is obviously not the RCMP Members fault, I was busying coming to stop psychologically and recapturing my breath before I turned to address other issues that I am long behind on.

Which is just another form of systematic railroading induced by bureaucracy. Burden a person with too much, apply tactical delays, and then when life keeps coming at you there’s no time to deal with them at a slower pace. Something like that anyways. I do have my own faults in these types of matters too, I know. Slow down.

From: Dan Berladyn <dberladyn@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 21:17
Subject: Stand on Guard for Thee Freedom of Communication
To: Klein, Scott <scott.klein@rcmp-grc.gc.ca>
Cc: <dberladyn@hotmail.com>, <dan@berladyn.online>, <AGCSB.BCSSCommunications@gov.bc.ca>, <marc.dalton@parl.gc.ca>, <larry.maguire@parl.gc.ca>, <dan.mazier@parl.gc.ca>

Hi Scott,

Port Moody is within Canada, as is Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Burnaby, Vancouver, North Vancouver.  All places and their respective police agencies that these troubles with Port Moody Police over the last five plus years have taken me.  Victoria, Dauphin, Swan River, Neepawa, Virden, Brandon, Souris and Ottawa are also all places within Canada that these particular emails right here are directly reaching out to government wise.  As a Federal Police Agency, I am primarily Carbon Copying you in order to use you as an anchor point to maintain the freedom and security of my communications with other government entities across Canada, and perhaps even beyond, who have routinely proven troublesome to communicate with in this regard.  Just as your own Coquitlam Detachment has at key times.  Like in example when my Emails to your Victim Services were rejected after I was provided information to contact such by an RCMP Member.

In another example: when your acting “Mental Health” Officer Linda BARRETT, practically pulled me into dark corner off camera in your detachment and literally attempted to bully me into just “moving on” and to forget getting railroaded into decimation and my impending death unjustly so that she, and your fellow officers, did not have to be bothered by Port Moody’s actions.  In her eyes, at what I assume was Port Moody’s instruct, I should have watched my life collapse and died quietly in the street not bothering any of you people who take your livings and retirement from the public purse.  If I was an RCMP Member rather than a Tradesman in my Kraft of nearly thirty(30) years, I would be able to claim retirement and collect a pension near my time of RAILROADING.  Instead that’s all gone now, in fact so is my bank accounts, credit, even my ability to do my taxes as the Coquitlam RCMP and the Courts, inadvertently assisted my cousin in stealing my property.

Just against as when the Coquitlam RCMP sat back while a Crazy Lady and her female accomplice badgered, assaulted and drove me into suicidal feelings while making me take great losses before I was to appear in provincial court which I then evidently missed due the abuse of such. Eventually these two untamed females undermined my position well enough to directly threaten my ability keep myself intact and survive, forcing me into taking a counter measure that resulted in the Port Moody Police calling in your Emergency Response Team to surround my home with what neighbour’s fearfully described as military vehicles before they had forced the doors of my childhood home open to throw flash grenades inside looking for my person. This when they could have just simply pinged my phone again and found me looking for an RCMP Member to no avail less than Five(5) Kilometers away. 

I could go on for a long time about the nonsensical abuse that I have been through.  In fact, at one time there was nothing I would have loved to have done more in extremely high accuracy, than just that.  However, no one seemed interested in allowing me to the have the means to pursue and organise my own truth in these matters.

As the Royal Columbian Hospital Department Head had stated to my person: “We can help you but we don’t want to”.  You are having a heart attack Scott, you are taken to the hospital and they state: “We can help you, but we don’t want to”.  I am reminded of that.  In my experience, this is your typical government employee living off the public purse.  They can help you, but they don’t want to.  However, on the flip side they have Rights.  You cannot speak to them this way.  They must be Respected.  Nothing is their fault.  They do no wrong.  They deserve.  I don’t exist to be bullied around by a bunch of failures who are literally stealing their existence off the public purse at the expense of my life.  I didn’t get knocked off my own chance at having a life and home, turning towards my parents with the idea of saving them through the saving the structure of this house while proving my laughing older brother’s wrong, only to get kicked to the curb by dense and incapable teenagers with badges.

This is HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. 

I do not exist as a piece of meat for government employees to bull around at their leisure.  Quite the contrary, you people are to be there for me.  You are there to Serve my needs.  You as in the State.  You as in the Employee of such.  I really do not ask for much Scott. I am simply emailing you as an anchor point to assist in the active maintenance of my Canadian Freedom of Communications.  There is more however.  I did ask the Monarchy to keep all “Mental Health” Officers off of my files.  This was obviously ignored by police.  It was ignored again when “Mental Health” Officer PMPD Samantha Cleave arrested me at the steps of the Port Coquitlam Courthouse while having you in her presence.  You, another “Mental Health” Officer.  Since police agencies have not desired to maintain my public request of the Monarchy, and since as a “Mental Health” Officer you have access to all of the files, it would only make sense to include you in an email Carbon Copy list so that I may keep the RCMP in the loop.

My family home of over fifty years really does not need any further violating assaults by people wearing uniforms and badges.  Absolutely unbelievable that that had happened.  Never mind just once, but multiple times to varying degrees.  So absolutely disrespectful that it can almost said to be sadistic and evil.  All of these problems and more could have simply been avoided had someone maintained the freedom to communicate out in the open for all to see.  All of these problems and more could have simply been resolved had someone in a useless bureaucracy kept the lines of communication open in a manner that is integral for all.  It’s funny how that works out.  All of these people paid by the public purse who have been involved over the last five plus years wanting the privacy and darkness allotted by not communicating online and/or in written text out in the light of day for all to see are the very ones who have triggered all these unnecessary damages to begin with that now burden you yourself.

Your email here, it felt like a kick in the pants to someone continually feeling kicked in the pants.  I am constantly trying to clamber up and recover from such feelings only to continually find myself feeling like I am getting kicked back down by more kicks in the pants.  Once again, I can understand not wanting to be bothered with issues that you may choose to feel no obligation towards.  I can understand the desire to have a clear personal and professional plate.  I wonder if you can understand how I feel?  I wonder if you can understand the immense damage and the overwhelming health issues caused to my person from the failures of government bureaucracy?  I wonder if you can understand knowing that you are being driven into suicide, seeking assistance to prevent such, only to get kicked to the curb everywhere you go?  The following were comments I had made to your Coquitlam Detachment by the only means available to my person.  I knew what I was looking for.  I was Deleted and I was Blocked.

Womyn Only
No Rights
Change Topic

Deleted and Blocked.

I am not sure if you are still an active “Mental Health” Officer, but please do realise that I am someone who was edged very close into committing suicide just barely over a month ago.  In fact, it felt absolutely imminent. This let alone skirting extremely close at multiple points over the last four to six months.  Never mind, all of the abuse and non-necessary suffering I had endured for years beforehand.  A “Mental Health” Officer.  That label is certainly a strange one.  I can remember emailing an RCMP “Mental Health” Officer in North Vancouver after I had finally broke down and I was asking for help taking refuge in a friend’s cold dark travel trailer with intermittent power fully knowing my that life was imploding in an unrecoverable fashion.  “Please help me” I wrote.  The next thing I know my computer goes on the fritz completely impairing my work life which was right on the edge and when the smoke cleared that email was not to be found.  Nor were all the emails I had sent to the Port Moody Police Victim Services.  If I didn’t know any better, I would think people paid by the public purse have been trying to KILL me through communistic predatory bureaucracy.

If you as an RCMP Member do not wish to assist in Standing on Guard for Thee in an effortless bid to remain quiet as an email Carbon Copied anchor, please direct me to an RCMP Member who will be happy to Maintain the Right.  If you cannot direct to one who can, please respond with an appropriate solution or continue to accept the emails.

Thank you kindly, a Naturally Born Canadian Citizen,
Dan Berladyn

-That should have been written better. I was tired of writing and the backlog towards the other entities that I have intended to write is bothering me. Time is of the essence in some regards. Which is strange, because as true as that is, the more I seem cease up with inaction each time I am delayed.

Anyways, I felt an apology was in order. I had originally read his reply as a refusal to accept the emails. I thought about letting it sit before sending, but I would just like to clear my plate and move forward as well. In fact I need to, I keep delaying work to deal with other affairs.

When I do so, I fall victim to accepting something work-wise that I might not normally accept at any other time, except when I delay too long. Like tomorrow, I hope agreeing to something outside my immediate area wasn’t a mistake. I just agreed on a cold call while not even replying in delay to more stable things just the night before.

From: Dan Berladyn <dberladyn@gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2021 at 9:47pm
Subject: FWD Stand on Guard for Thee Freedom of Communication
To: Klein, Scott <scott.klein@rcmp-grc.gc.ca>

I sure have a developed a bad habit of taking everything with a negative tinge. Your email reads far better than what I had first thought I had read and replied to. I share this apology for the fluidity of something in truth. Perhaps the earlier prior response by a lawyer expressing no interest in these matters had something to do with my takes on your reply. You need a lawyer I am often told. No I don’t. I need a System that works.

Please accept my apologies for my own misunderstanding of your reply,
Dan Berladyn

Scott Klein replied, accepting my apologies.

From: Dan Berladyn <dan@berladyn.online>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2021 at 10:37am
Subject: Re: Stand on Guard for Thee Freedom of Communication
To: Klein, Scott <scott.klein@rcmp-grc.gc.ca>

Thanks for the reply. 

How about I just continue to CC you, and if there is something you need I will address you directly in the “TO” field.  That is how the OIPC operates.  It is sensible policy, but I can see how no one needs all these complicated switches and over-abundance of information.  For me, it is just once bitten twice shy.  Do you know what I mean?  I cannot express to you the feeling of being pushed backwards when government entities such as the police for instance reject emails that…  I was hard pressed for energy, time, and words.. to write. 

I don’t know, I think things could be vastly improved very simply if a government, or if people themselves, chose to do, yet I cannot even explore that while feeling flattened and buried by bullshit that shouldn’t be.  I am not going to keep writing you here as it’s just as draining for me to write long emails as it potentially is for you to read them.  I will however take the opportunity to include two more screenshots that I should have included last night while I had the opportunity.  Comments made in frustration.  Rather than take offense, I hope you find reason to appreciate them. 

PS.  It’s up here. Not to rub you the wrong way, I just…  whatever.  I wanted an excuse to claim these screenshots in my name anyways.


Thanks again,


I would have had to have written everything in very high detail to properly claim who is respecting people’s legal rights and who is not. It’s not really the best to speak too loosely, but that’s what happens when your Natural Rights are continually violated. I was very frustrated when I posted the above comments.

Yes, I consider it a Natural Right to Speak in Your Own Given Name.

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