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  March 23rd, 2021 

You are a total piece of shit Lori Ashton.

Listen to this lying cheating bitch. These people are outright criminals. Totally corrupt. The innocent victimized party that she is willingly abusing right into his death for her own gain through a criminal bureaucracy should continue to have his health completely strung along, impairing and endangering his very life, after barely surviving conditions that would have been sensible to commit suicide in. Forget his already damaged health while perpetually causing ever more long term damage and loss.

If he “behaves” her office may revisit these files and explore whether there is actually any public interest in continuing to persecution of someone abused right into death over court orders that didn’t even exist as per her own pieces of paper, bogus arrests and abuses of process. All of which stem from ever more bogus arrests and court orders that didn’t exist. This and more, right along with other people’s proven perjury made while they seek unjust enrichment and the coercion of an elderly citizen.

Conducted by the same criminal bureaucrats stealing their existence of public purse while while costing me over $500,000 in lost income and near loss of life. Not to mention permanent impairments to my health after forcibly impoverishing me and leaving me for dead in the street. These people are completely corrupt criminals. I love how the judges continually cut a defendant off and then speak down to him like an idiot. It’s almost as good as when they tell you that they do not have time for The Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

These people are CRIMINALS and there is absolutely no reason why I should not kill myself, and simply end the torture brought about by her very lies which resulted in evermore permanently damaging court orders. Lies brought about by more stupid, incapable, and biased females. In fact, I am continually thinking about doing such today as I as back write this page. It’s the perfect day for it. She is a piece of garbage, this whole system incompetent and rotten beyond belief. I am continually impaired by psychiatric damages to my person.

The outright corruption and incompetence of public employees serving themselves…

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