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  Collective Murder
    January 18th, 2021            , , ,

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Subject:Re: 104604 and 98702 (MISSING EMAIL)
Date:Mon, 18 Jan 2021 10:10:01 -0800
From:Daniel John Berladyn <dan@berladyn.online>
To:Ashton, Lori AG:EX <Lori.Ashton@gov.bc.ca>
CC:dberladyn@hotmail.com, dberladyn@gmail.com, AGCSB.BCSSCommunications@gov.bc.ca, marc.dalton@parl.gc.ca, larry.maguire@parl.gc.ca, dan.mazier@parl.gc.ca, mmuller@providencehealth.bc.ca

Hi Lori,

Thank you for replying in the AM. 

At the moment here, I have absolutely no concern for what you have written.  This just means you were a complete waste of my time and energy.  You have ignored the most obvious thing.  As always.  I see that you have not even mentioned a single thing about the Port Moody Police and my request to Charge them for Attempted Murder / Gross Negligence.  In my view, none of this is in the Public Interest.  None of it.  What would have been in the Public Interest, would have been what I was suggesting since this had began in 2016.  That would have simply required restoring my person to the shape that I was in prior the date that the Crown Office and the Port Moody Police had KILLED ME (while providing yourselves plenty of man-hours on the public purse).

Once I was restored into the shape that I was in prior, once I was provided with whatever I had needed to Forensically write the history as truthfully and as accurately possible, everyone could have read at will.  The Public could see exactly what is both right and wrong with the policing, medical and judicial system.  People could determine for themselves what is wrong with these systems and exactly what is needed to fix them.  In my view, it is a very easy fix.  Very simple to do.  It would actually benefit every single person alive.  It would provide them with exactly what they need to root out the corruption that people like you use to kill them.  Please tell Peter Ng, that I do not appreciate him telling a Justice of the Peace that my “Family” is trying to help me.

Intentionally undermining my relationship with very my own mother that my life depended upon in an attempt to dispose of me while lying through their teeth – is not helping me.

Just as police sending me into my imminent death, while telling me that there is no help available for my person (because I am male), is not helping me either.  Nor is Charging with me a Crime while permanently knocking out my ability to even feed myself, let alone even provide for a proper defense, actual justice.  Especially when I have never even been blessed with the possibility to recover from the last five years, let alone even recover from a very harsh near suicide in 2013 / 2014.   You may as well Charge me with whatever you want.  You are all Guilty of Collective Murder.  Seeing that you have offered absolutely nothing of interest in the current conditions, regardless of your views on the feasibility of this outcome, or that outcome – I am just going to attempt to allow my mind to re-find whatever I had kept hearing myself say prior to our little conversation.

Regardless of what any of you may think about anything in my family affairs or otherwise, you are all a sick total joke feasting upon the populace.

Dan Berladyn,
Port Moody, BC

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