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  Keep it Simple Stupid
    October 18th, 2020            ,

This morning I woke a little tired from staying up late night doing things I need to be doing. Like managing and acting on many multiple simple problems that all interconnect. I remember hearing Judge Walters in the first Court Hearing state: “.. in this very complicated case”.

It’s actually not complicated at all. What is complicated, is everyone else’s miss-guided interjections poisoning and stirring the well of absolute truth.

This morning in wanting to pick from where I left off last night I was wanting to advertise on Facebook, hoping to interest a friend into looking at transcriptions which are a lot of work to write. Especially when it involves affairs so close to the heart of your person. Things that affect you to the very core. It’s draining.

I have a lot of things to do all on my own because I am the only one I can trust. At least I am the only one I can trust until I get worn down and tired, then like anyone I am subject to error. Transcriptions are not the only simple thing I need to do. There is plenty of simple things in any given order that need to be done. Since everything intertwines, it’s very easy to miss a step.

All of my problems are extremely simple. They all compound really fast. Especially at the recommendations, drives, and intents of others who are not purvey to the whole truth as I know it. Of others, who do not even have the same care, nor the consequence of that same truth as I know it. Which is completely natural, as why would they? It’s not their life.

In looking out the window this morning I see an assault to my health. I see something that psychologically damages me for very sound reason. It’s not that I have an issue per say, it is just that things are not in the right natural order as they should be which actually brings great harm to my health. This is a Natural Truth that the “system” is failing against.

In addressing such, I have little interest in the Port Moody Police as everything they have done so far as been counter to proper and effective resolution of the situation at hand. I post to Facebook and I instantly get a ridiculous message. That corporation could have helped me better the world a long time ago. They could have done so extremely easily.


Injured and with actual Psychological/Psychiatric Injury I phoned an RCMP Member that I have the business card of. I didn’t actually expect him to be working, but unfortunately he had no email listed which honestly is the best means of communication for my person. I phoned and left a message while knowing that I am only compounding the situation in doing so.

By the time the Officer gets the message and returns the call, I will have made the sane decision to move on to other avenues. Life keeps moving. Everything is dynamic. Variables keep changing, as do needs, perspectives, current directives. I do not believe that I left him my number, although they do have it. I believe I asked him not to bother calling back.

Things will have changed by such and such a time and a returned call will only be negative distraction. That likely doesn’t make things very easy on him, but hopefully he can go about his day without any real side-tracking from my voicemail. It’s so much easier just to solve your own problems as connecting with people and bringing them up to speed is more trouble sometimes than it’s worth. Especially if you have not been served so far.


Right or wrong, I decided to write another email which I am likely best to just stay away from. There is no sense communicating back and forth in distracting efforts when the only person who is actually going to help me is myself. I just had to get it all off my chest and park it somewhere. Why not the source?

I don’t even want have problems with these people, but.. FIVE YEARS

Re: PMPD Sam Cleave – Re: emails
Sun, 18 Oct 2020 11:42:39 -0700
Daniel John Berladyn
Sam Cleave

I do not want you to reply to me, but I do want you to know that you and the rest of this police department are complete pieces of garbage.  Thanks for the complete hit to my health again this morning.  You Sam.  You.  You are an idiot.  You all are.  You are a fucking moron. 

Why would I speak like this Sam?  Do you have any idea what would be the driving factor for such?  As far I am concerned the Police Department, and even you Sam, “Mental Health” Officer, seeks to do the exact opposite of what is actually required in this situation.  You obviously want me DEAD.

If I wasn’t so burdened from all the wrong actions taken by you and your department, I would draw you a picture.  Unfortunately, you have chosen to destroy my life and bury me under so much bullshit over the last five years that I have to recover and dig myself out from all of that before I can even communicate as to why everything you do is wrong. 

You people are clueless and you continually work against the best interests of the overall picture.  Of course, judging by the laughter and the commentary over the last five years, you are not actually clueless.  You know full well the damage you are causing another human being.

You people disgust me. 

You have and you continue to EMPOWER people who have aggressively driven someone into suicide, who have nearly caused someone to drop dead from intentionally induced stress, who have attempted to take and deny someone their rightful home… over and over, everything you do and recommend is brain-dead.  Contrary to constructive efforts. 

I just wrote this 26 minutes ago to Facebook:

…with what I see looking out the window… I feel strongly affronted. I am not suicidal, but I just feel like killing myself. This system has absolutely NO INTEREST in doing what is right.

Take a wild guess on what that is about? 
You yourself Sam, have actually RECOMMENDED what triggered this.  You yourself are a DANGER to my person.

Please do not reply to me, I do not need any further useless distraction from people who do not wish to assist a deeply abused, and critically injured, Port Moody life-long Resident.

Don’t take me wrong. I am not actually desiring to be offensive, but with so many actions taken against my person, and with so much to unbury myself from, it’s either just spit it out and move on or continue to hold my peace. She is paid for her involvement. As for me, it is the inverse. It all losses to my income. So deal with it.

It is all very simple. This stuff is not rocket-science. I can understand how an outsider might not comprehend the more intricate details of a situation, nor how to solve such a rubix cube, but what I cannot understand is the overwhelming desire to continually ignore the key piece to the whole puzzle while seeking answers, that are not answers, from everyone else.


I have no official stance towards Judaism. I actually recoil and attempt to shy away from people who “call out the Jew” and all that other stuff. I cannot really take a theological stance until I deeply process that whole religion in free exploration for myself. I tend to have a loose comprehension of such which is still in formation.

After much of the above I asked my friends list what it means to be Judiazed. What it really means in layman’s terms. I feel I know the answer, I even feel I know why that question even came into my mind after the above, but I thought I would share it here regardless. I tend to believe that everything plays a role and it all has a natural part in life.

Emasculated – “a yoke … which neither our fathers nor we were able to bear

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