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  Instagram: Government of British Columbia
    August 13th, 2020           

Kind of tough to use Instagram. It is just not conducive to higher volumes of text output. Hopefully I am finding few local ears however.


Yes, you were not taught in Elementary School to NOT TRUST THE GOVERNMENT.

I bet you were not taught to not trust the textbooks, to not trust the teacher, to not trust anything. I bet you were not taught to seek the truth for yourself. I bet there is lots of things that you were not taught that we were.

I am a Naturally Born Canadian Citizen. The Government of Canada, The Government of British Columbia, my own City Government, and multiple government entities around the world have ENDORSED Social Media Communications Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

The Government Endorses such with their very presence on these platforms. These Government Endorsed Communication Platforms have TARGETED me as a WHITE MALE. They have selected me as a target. A person to be silenced, muted, banned and pushed around politically.

You look to be a beautiful young smart girl, but you obviously have lots to learn in the world in which you live. You need experience so that you may gain insightful Wisdom as not everything is truly as it seems.

Are you a proud CANADIAN?


I have the Natural Right as a Canadian to Speak in my Own Given Name over Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Platforms. I am not to bullied around into suicide by private corporations cutting me off from friends, associates, peers, government representatives, income, etc.. Even police services and medical assistance, just because some “private” corporation decides so.

Should you be silenced on this platform which is ENDORSED by your GOVERNMENT, just because Coca Cola does not like what you are saying?

You need to wake up. You all do. It might be too late for such, I am not sure, but I can tell from what you have written that you have no idea how fast your life can be screwed over and how imperative that it might be for you to not get tracked so you can fight back against a corrupted system that is attempting to stay one step ahead of you.

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