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  Social Media: Speech Control
    August 16th, 2020           

Here is the video: https://www.bitchute.com/video/6eDHOWQ3wHqI/ They can label this “hate speech” and pull it down, but others just copy it and upload it elsewhere. It makes me wonder how much of this game is real and how much is fake. Put out the video, let it seed for a few days, then pull it down […]

  Social Media: Psychological Warfare
    August 14th, 2020           

Interesting Video. If you read the comments, the Blonde was Arrested today. None of this surprises me. I read probably twenty years ago that the “government” was building huge data centres to store the entire internet at regular intervals so that they may data mine it later. Whether that is still a feasible pursuit of […]

  Financial Enslavement
    August 10th, 2020           

I am now up to several hundred dollars that I cannot spend on the necessities that keep my person biologically alive. The population is retarded. It really is. The average person has zero comprehension of just how fast they can be invisibly murdered through corporate control mechanisms. I have always been able to buy a […]

  Women: Children are Weapons
    August 10th, 2020           

There’s just no sanity to this world. Children are used as Shields, a means to Exploit,… A Society full of Skanks. “At least I had children (I spread my legs and laid on my back). At least I did something for the world. What have you done?!” – as I consume your life and your […]

  Corporate: Credit Fraud.
    August 10th, 2020           

Systematic Failure. After all that wasted energy that I am too sick to write about, something I have already written elsewhere: “You need to come back Monday and see the Manager”. Feeling a pounding headache and feeling like I am going to just implode for good this morning as there’s really just no chance of […]

  Women KILL Men
    August 9th, 2020           

The Government helps them. It’s almost like it is intentional. I go to the website of the Port Moody Police to grab a copy of this picture. Right there as soon as it opens, there it is. Front page. The blind leading the blind. The zero misleading a child. This is an extremely disgraceful picture […]

  Twitter Twats & Bank Fraud
    August 8th, 2020           

Well perhaps if you had an email address under your own full control listed Scotiabank. I guess their problem is flooding and expense. Not only Facebook, but Twitter cuts me off banking communication too. I do not want to speak to anyone, I am half physically ill. It just ads more strain. I want to […]

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