Law Enforcement

I feel like I know what should be done. I also feel like this is another reminder that failing to do what I set out to do… leaves me and my conviction in the dust while the world moves on. After four years, I’ve kind of lost all desire towards such but… then I haven’t if I was attempting to write a business proposal to Eric Trump just the other week regarding such… then even the “doctor” as it should really be… in my provinces interest, but.. I just think my idea is one of those things a person has to do completely independently for sound reasons.

In other affairs, things are going good right now. I’ve gone from nearly starving since I came home to picking up work nearly everyday. I do not advertise enough it seems. Of course, I am not used to having to pay to advertise, nor am I used not having the money, nor the credit to pay for such a thing. It’s only the first week of June and I have picked up enough work to make every month worth going on like this. If only every month lead into this much possible earnings that is. There’s no reason for things to have been so difficult for me – work wise.

Fate or something I suppose.

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5 months ago

I just like everything you wrote.