Extortion Taxes, Homeowners, Best Friends & Visitors
    June 4th, 2020           

Roll with the punches. I had to go collect my money from the supplier at some point, then collect myself and decide what the right move was. Meanwhile I start running ads for the kind of work that suits the state I am in. Sure enough someone wants something done in an area of town that I normally refuse. I am going by there and it’s not the worst part of town so I agree to look. It would be silly of me to reject some pocket change. Naturally, they don’t want to pay but we come to an agreement for two days work.

People do not realise the cost involved, but when I am on top of my game it can be fun. I am not on top my game. I send a painter out to give a price and tell him do not add to my plate. Do not add problems or work to my situation. Of course, that is exactly what he does. Get Dan to do this, get him to do that, then he comments on unfinished work. I am really sore about that. That is the last time. Never do people favours. I am a ticketed professional trades-person. My trade is very sensitive about people doing such things.

Then there’s the homeowner, she starts wanting to change this part of deal and that part of our deal. I am not in the state to deal with this kind of thing. I just want simple, in and out. That’s why we talked about everything while negotiating. I wanted to know exactly what I doing for what cost, and for the owner to know exactly what she was getting for such price. It’s not overly appealing to me already and then it’s getting changed while she’s commenting about not getting a Cadillac for the price of a Chevette. I strive to make her happy anyways.

I just want to be done, collect my money, get home and re-access my overall situation. That’s not going to happen because now that they like me they want me to do more work. Why we couldn’t just discuss all that in the beginning, I don’t know but I am here, so if I can pull in a bit more income and make them happy, why not? She knows my base rates and we do not agree to a price. Just leave it open, just get it done, I have usually been pretty good with people and squaring off. Usually it just works out if both parties try for that result.

Last night I get a drive by here at the house very late at night. What is it about? Should I care?

Today turns out to be a mess because the homeowners parents had to go to Emergency. As part of my craft, my trade, I find homeowners are my counsellors and I am theirs. We swap stories. I hear nothing but horror stories from her over FraserHealth. The senseless bureaucracy and medical mistakes made regarding her parents. She’s just not happy and she’s overloaded. All I can do is look at her and see myself. She’s acting like how I feel at times. Just keep her at ease, listen to her, assure her, etc. Counsel her. Don’t add any problems to her.

I show up late today to time her availability but I missed her completely. She won’t even come home tonight. Which means I do not get paid. I do not get to square up. Meanwhile her well meaning husband has been helping himself to my material, working right on top of my work and standing over my shoulder all day. That’s the price I pay for being liked. Not only that, things are missing. Tools, Supplies, etc. I mean what do you do? I am going backwards. I am paying people to work on their houses at great risk to my own person.

It’s normally not like this for me, but I am not on top of my game. Normally it’s all about being dialed in. Staying dialed in. Do not lose jobs, do not lose tools, do not lose money. Efficiency, speed, service, quality, all things striven for but that requires pride, strength, organisation, etc. So many things that I am missing. In someways I am in a good state right now. I mean at least I am not borrowing a $100 for fuel to pay back $200 in a couple days. I am always against the grain in so many ways, but there nothing else to do but manage it.

I was so glad to get out of there today even if it was far later than I planned. On the way home I found myself driving behind my best friend, my longest friend, I knew where he was going. I followed him until he made his stop. Then I chatted with him explaining that I do not see him because I haven’t paid him back. Over a year ago, I thought I was going to say here’s $3000 – thank you. He says I don’t owe him that much, but my intent was to give him that and say do something for your kids. Thank you so much for opening your wallet.

I went on to say now you know why I said no more money. Do not give me anymore money. It would wreck the friendship. He was the only person who did that. Literally an open check book, just take what you need, but no. I feel like crap and it’s not even my fault. Not to rag on government, but too much government even messed up paying him back and getting on my feet. I lost that particular $3000 because of an inspector insisted that something be done in someone’s house that no one else could make sense of.

Anyways, he’s not going to let that wreck things. My plans to collect all my monies and regroup at home here are shot out the window again. Which wouldn’t matter because even if I did do that, the COVID19 thing has made attempts in the past futile. I am operating without a bank because of other issues, that just keep being issues, and if I find a place that is open without them upsetting my health, I see a sign – no cash payment. It’s not like there have not been attempts on my part. Currently, it’s been for the best. Not paying the extortion tax that is.

Sure enough, it looks like someone is checking up on me again tonight too. I didn’t cause this. Remember that.

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