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Port Moody Police & Email.

Posted on June 2nd, 2020

Hi Sam,

I can be rather course in language which quite honestly began with the severe injustice of the last half decade, along with the “Communist Speech Controls” enacted by the government endorsed corporation Facebook and the like. The more someone tries to control my person, the worse I become. Which I believe is totally natural and well understood by intelligent peoples. It seems some people want to create their own monsters. I am terribly sorry that I chose those words in reply to your person because your eyes and your nose are burned into an impression in my mind from the expression on your face as you told me that you did not trust me. Now I need counselling and psychological therapy (sarcastic humour). I could not give a forensic artist enough information to sketch your face, but somehow I have now morphed however you actually look into a crossed image with my own mother and my God mother. Strange stuff and it’s probably too much to share with you.

As for wanting the best for my person… (yeah this one might take a lot to write out. Books in fact.)

If you were operating on your own, which seems rather odd to me as my burned out calculator calculates the math as to how often you read my website.. along with my mental noting of three RCMP cars in Coquitlam, who just happened to be in the right places at the right time, if you were operating on your own, or even with them and had wanted to just perform a cursory check up that’s not necessarily wrong of you. I have re-read those words and I think it is rather extreme to think I might go out and start knocking off innocent people. On a personal note, sometimes as I write my health is not the best and I do wish words were placed a little tighter as to where I want them in that same moment, but.. sometimes just getting the words out, rather than perfection, is the higher priority. My concern in attempting to push the boundary and bring attention to the extreme dangers of controlling speech is the fact that I might inadvertently plant the seed in some nut job somewhere that goes out and actually does it. Awareness. Personal Responsibility. I seem to have some sense of such.

Carrying on this conversation, I am extremely disappointed not to read any concern about the fact that Government Endorsed Corporate Entities are severely damaging, impeding and violating the individual health of Canadians and the national health of Canada as a whole. In fact, I forgive you as one single individual who might not see what I am trying to point out, but I find this all to be rather incredibly appalling. You are worried that I might go kill someone while turning a blind eye to the COMMUNIST CONTROL MECHANISMS that are the root source of the Natural Response that I feel in emotion. There are times when I am blocked from Social Media where I feel that would rip the throat right out from the fucker’s neck responsible for such. Which is exactly the same thing that they have done to My Person. It is completely Natural to want to take an Eye for an Eye so to speak. If you cannot understand the political, the social, the financial, and the health impairment to Canadian Geese who get their beaks glued shut – then maybe you need to reassess a few things.

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section II.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 19.

The PORT MOODY POLICE DEPARTMENT itself violates such codes in regards to my person. It is absolutely appalling enough that I would be decimated in Canada by corrupt, inept, and irresponsible actions of certain government entities. Appalling that I would be so impoverished by outright corruption to the point where I would be sleeping in the streets and dealt so much injustice, that I have become an extremely high risk for walking in front of some innocent person’s moving car to kill myself in order to bring my own misery, that I did not deserve, to an end. To be in that state and told to stay there or else (by government employees), all while my only true viable means of communication, while penniless, is the Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Publishing Platform known as Facebook over free corporate and public WiFi… clearly Sam, you do not comprehend the absolute dismal failure that is the Port Moody Police Department. You deleted and blocked the communications of a Canadian Citizen, a Life-Long Resident that you took upon yourselves to decide that should no longer live in his own home.

Do you not understand the absolute criminal negligence of your own Police Department? It is almost beyond words. I mentioned writing the Port Moody Police Chief in the email that disappeared off of Google Server’s, the one you have not even mentioned in your reply, and there so much to be said that it implodes my whole ability to even formulate the words. I just choke on the thought of writing your “Police Chief”. You people are absolute CRIMINALS. You are practically the very definition of COMMUNISTS. Furthermore, your fellow Officers literally play with fire. I have been very open about desires to kill you people. I have expressed such to Members of Parliament, even stating how I envisioned attempting such a thing. Not 60 minutes after entering such information into what just might be, for all intents and purposes, a government spy platform, I leave the house to find one of your “Officers” trying to play a form of chicken with me at Glenayre Elementary School. I am polite, just treat him like any other car I tell myself, but here’s this uniformed asshole trying to bull his way through crowning the road as if he is somebody special. Just an arrogant and extremely stupid attempt at provocation, playing games with someone who.. your Police Department MURDERED.

Naturally, like all things emotions subside with time. However, I have not actually felt in balance with the Port Moody Police until sometime perhaps three or four weeks ago. I would have to check a few records to know the exact date. I just laughed to myself as it happened. The reasons for such are to be found in a communication to The Royal Family. I had to find myself absolutely needing to stoop to that level, at that risk, to be on par with you guys. For the scales to find their balance as the Port Moody Police and My Person passed by each other a few times without incident in Glenayre. As I have written on the Port Moody Mayor’s page at least once, if not more times. You guy’s go your way, I’ll go mine, we will get along fine. Otherwise “Cluster B traits” and neither of us needs such a thing. No one does. Keep the Peace.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She still gets up there. I find that to be extremely impressive. I am glad to see it. 67 years today. Not a bad day to respond.

Thank you for writing,
Daniel John Berladyn

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