Let’s try this again Sara..

Let’s try this again, $1500+ and twelve days of momentum lost later… while I am literally risking my life pushing boundaries I have not come to push before now. This just to attempt to correct my overall health so that I can hope to pull through by the grace of God and find myself on an upward trajectory of self-correction. My health is so damaged from May 20th and prior that.. I cannot even get myself to write the appropriate people which is probably for the best anyways, as I cannot take another stake to the heart in another denial of attempt.

It’s all water the bridge however, if at first you do not succeed try try again. It’s the new day of a new month, and a trickle of some earnings have become possible. There is a natural rhyme and reason to way it all works. Even in healthy states, when my mind and body can take it, having the financial resources.. I learned at times a person has to allow themselves to descend, even for few months at a time, before they find themselves rising up and out of dangerous positions to soar higher than ever before. It’s a birds life I guess. We are all just birds. Chirp chirp. Tweet tweet. Honk honk.

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