Month: June 2020

Inherently Corrupt

Port Moody Police Fraser Health The Provincial Courts of British Columbia Everything actually. Every single entity that I have had to deal with has been extremely corrupt. It’s just so much that no normal person could even type it out easily in my shoes. It’s just disgusting the level of incompetence and outright corruption. It’s […]


I find you to be extremely ignorant. You have made me incredibly ill since I came home and when I did so, I had had far more than enough to deal with. I cannot even type it. Enough of the excuses. I have routinely typed into my Facebook Account my thoughts as you come here […]

Law Enforcement

I feel like I know what should be done. I also feel like this is another reminder that failing to do what I set out to do… leaves me and my conviction in the dust while the world moves on. After four years, I’ve kind of lost all desire towards such but… then I haven’t […]

Port Moody Police & Email.

Hi Sam, I can be rather course in language which quite honestly began with the severe injustice of the last half decade, along with the “Communist Speech Controls” enacted by the government endorsed corporation Facebook and the like. The more someone tries to control my person, the worse I become. Which I believe is totally […]