Attempting to MURDER Grandmother’s Favourite

Hi Sam,

Since I wrote you that last email I had had an internal remorse in regards to my usage of the “b” and the “c” words directed towards your person in that very same email.  I had wanted to write with a retraction of sorts, and I had wanted to offer an apology.  This, while fully understanding that perhaps I am not the one who should really be making the apologies.  I suppose it is out of a desire for both self-respect, and a desire to continue respecting your person.  I should have not used those words, and I apologise to you.

I honestly do.  I ask for your forgiveness for doing so.

Out of the overwhelming majority of negative things that I state in regards to the Port Moody Police Department, I tend to want to cut you out of such pushing you over to the left and out of harms way.  In the hospital, after wanting you away from my person out of a health request in response to your words, something which took far too long and far too much energy to make happen – I talked to Brian Wong. Whether that was in earshot of you or not, I do not recall at this moment.

I told Brian that I liked him.  He’s a likeable guy.  I also told Brian that I thought he was very naive, along with the fact that I wanted to kick him in the head.  I wanted to kick him in the head really hard, right in the temple.  Naturally I was not going to do that, I like Brian.  I believe I even told him that in that manner.  I want to kick you head for this, and I like you!   It was a natural response to the harm you two were bringing to my person.

I just want you to know that that desire to make a physical response doesn’t really apply towards you.  There’s actually several reasons for that, but I just want to let you to know such a thing.  I also want you to know that I am not even sure that there are words to fully capture the insanity of the Port Moody Police attempting to exercise “Speech Control” over my politically motivated statements regarding “Speech Control” (and the dangers thereof).

As you can see, I am not the only one who takes issue.  Check the date.

You might not be aware of this, but I was threatened with Supreme Court by the Port Coquitlam Crown over my website.  My response was basically go ahead and kill me.  If he would have followed through with his threat, the additional strain to my person at the time would have killed me without a doubt.  I myself fully understood such.  Please ensure that you read The Canadian Bill of Rights, The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, even the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights.

Incarcerating my person against my will into a hospital that ignores my health requirements… has left my person in worse shape each and every forced incarceration.  There have been zero health benefits to my personal health each and every time.  In fact, if I was admitted while I was highly suicidal for the hardest darkest six month period of my life in 2013/2014 – I would be dead.  I guarantee you that I would have never have recovered.  I would have killed myself.  Every trigger would have been tripped.

Included here with this email is a picture of the person your department attempted to murder.  Please familiarise yourself with such, he is grandmother’s favourite.

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