I honestly need to buy a gun.

I have already decided well over a year ago that if I ever have my health back, my finances, and I am offered a gun again that I will not say no. I am just going to buy one if the opportunity presents itself again. I have said this multiple times all over Social Media. Do you know why I decided that?

So that I could just shoot these CRIMINALS the next time they tried KILLING ME while VIOLATING MY HOME.

These idiots have already MURDERED MY PERSON.

I will likely never be in the shape to have the disposable income again to actually buy a gun. I guess I should have just bought that one that time. This way I could have just opened the window and blew his brains out. It probably would have been worth it honestly. I believe he has marked the glass. I am just too sick from all this to go fully inspect. He banged on that window forever, I thought it was going to break and if it broke, it would have broke parts of me inside. Looks like I am going to have write out the event that night. I was done with this shit a very long time ago. The RCMP get it, what is wrong with these stupid assholes?

I cannot imagine this ever happening to my Father, nor to one of my Uncles. Just unthinkable.

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